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Wed 28th Dec 2011

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jagetron commented on Monster Hunter 4 Screenshots Stomp Into View:

to be honest, the graphics look worse the mh3g. and ive said that ever since the first trailer. i know it probably isnt, and when it comes out they will be atleast just as good. the monsters look good, but they just look funny walking around in an environment that isnt anywhere close.



jagetron commented on Feature: Games We'd Love to See at E3:

my wish list...
-donkey kong 3d land
-f zero 3ds
-zelda 3ds
-monster hunter 3g for n.a.
-sonic adventure 1& 2 remade for the 3ds with way better graphics and camera angles
-wario land 3ds
-wario ware 3ds
-METROID 3DS!!!!!!!!