Metro: Last Light was one of a variety of third-party titles unveiled at E3 2011 as a game in development for Wii U. It's not due to arrive, on Xbox 360 and PS3 at least, until early next year, but like with a lot of potential Wii U games details of a release period on Nintendo's system are a mystery.

THQ has now released a live action short film to set the background for the game, which promises to be a dark, post-apocalyptic shooter. The trailer depicts an air-siren going off in Moscow, rockets being launch in the distance and panicked crowds rushing to the Metro subway building, which doubles as a refuge from attacks. While some are allowed inside others are locked out, and the trailer cuts to 20 years later: you then get a glimpse of the game world in 2033.

Wii U isn't listed as a platform at the end, but a similar thing happened with the recent trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines, so we may learn specifics for the Nintendo console release at E3. It's grim and dramatic stuff, so be warned. For those who want to check it out the video is below.