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Buy Sonic Soundtracks For All Generations

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

SEGA fans rejoice

The Sonic the Hedgehog franchise may have lurched from genius to disaster, and back again, but like any series with two decades worth of games it has built up an impressive library of music. Many gamers fondly remember hearing the Green Hill Zone music for the first time, and the blue blur has given us plenty of classic chip tunes as well as a fair dose of cheesy, feel-good rock.

After being hassled by fans for a good while, SEGA has now released a number of different soundtracks on Apple iTunes; check out the list below.

Sonic Boom
Sonic Adventure Original Soundtrack – 20th Anniversary Edition
Sonic Adventure 2 Original Soundtrack – 20th Anniversary Edition
Sonic Heroes Original Soundtrack – 20th Anniversary Edition
Sonic CD Original Soundtrack – 20th Anniversary Edition
Super Sonic Songs (The Best of Crush 40)
The Works
Sonic Colors Original Soundtrack – ViViD SOUND × HYBRiD COLORS Vol. 1
Sonic Colors Original Soundtrack – ViViD SOUND × HYBRiD COLORS Vol. 2
Sonic Colors Original Soundtrack – ViViD SOUND x HYBRiD COLORS Vol. 3

Plenty to choose from, and links to the iTunes albums — and preview tracks — can be found on the SEGA blog. Are you interested in downloading any of these?


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CanisWolfred said:

Sonic Heroes Soundtrack will be mine! I already got Sonic CD's and Adventure 2's soundtracks.



James said:

Oh, they're only in the US iTunes store, not the European one.

This is payback for all the 3DS Virtual Consoles games we have, isn't it?



Linkuini said:

I'm gonna want that Sonic Adventure soundtrack. Wonder if they'll ever release the Sonic Unleashed soundtrack. That one's one of my all-time favorite game soundtracks.



Kyloctopus said:

@James Not Really
Am I the only one who loathes every Sonic Song after Sonic Adventure? (Becides Sonic Colors)
I am a serious Sonic fan however. I spent the whole weekend beating my records on Sonic Generations 3DS (My all time favorite 3DS game, sorry @KidIcarus), and learning Sonic's giant history.



Smashbro99 said:

The only thing missing from my wishlist is Generations, but still glad to finally have them on the store.



Retro_on_theGo said:

Just bought a few Crush 40 songs and that's it. Tempted to get Metal Harbor, but I just don't want the entire soundtrack for any of these.



Vehemont said:

Needs more Chemical Plant Zone! The best IMO! Also I believe most if not all of these have been on itunes way before this press release.



JimLad said:

How many times?... Crush 40 is NOT CHEESY! It's a masterpiece and the best music ever committed to a Sonic game, possibly to any game.
Sonic Adventure 2 has one of THE greatest gaming soundtracks.



TKOWL said:

Will download. These games have some of, if not the best, OSTs out there.



RevolverLink said:

Sell me Sonic the Hedgehog 2's OST, SEGA, and then we'll start talking. And possibly kissing with tongues.



shake_zula said:

Sonic The Hedgehog on the Master System remains the greatest ever Sonic soundtrack. Bridge Zone is my favourite VGM track of all time, and Jungle Zone and Scrap Brain Zone were also amazing.



OverlordMao said:


No seriously though, the music of Sonic Heroes made even the worst parts of that pretty decent game enjoyable. I still love the game anyway, but the music is just "HNNNNNNG" good, guys and gals

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