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Tumblepop Set to Suck on 3DS Virtual Console Soon

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Sucking up enemies is the main activity, honest

Despite describing it as Tumble Pop, the Australian Classification Database has now listed Tumblepop, originally a Game Boy title and now on the way to 3DS Virtual Console in PAL regions.

Tumblepop was originally an arcade game and has been described as a cult classic, though it's unclear whether that praise extends to the Game Boy port. The objective is to work through a number of stages, all within different cities that you navigate, while items can be collected and bought with progress. The individual stages are relatively small and you're tasked with sucking up ghouls and monsters, Ghostbusters-style, before promptly moving on. It's not the best known of titles, it's safe to say.

Below is some gameplay footage from YouTube to help you decide whether you're interested. See how long it takes before the stage music forces you to lower the volume.

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Geonjaha said:

Oh my god! GB VC is alive. So happy :'3
First reactions from Nintendolife arent looking too good though. D:



AcidFox said:

It's good to see some VC action, but even though I'm a big Tumble Pop fan, I always felt the GB version was just... well, awful.



Djrr-ific said:

Is it Virtual Console leak day?

But ehm, more VC games are always welcome! (:



FluttershyGuy said:

To hear of all these VC announcements is nice. Except none of them are for North America. Guess that's pretty telling in itself that VC is about the lowest priority for NoA. At this point, I'd take a lesser title just for it being a sign of life.



WarioFan63 said:

@FluttershyGuy That's not really a sign of anything. Ratings leaks for VC games are just more common through the OFLC than they are with the ESRB these days. Heck theres hardly any games anywhere getting leaked through ESRB these days. Most of the time, when ESRB posts a new listing it's for a game that's about to come out or just came out.

So no, it's not a sign of VC priority, just that ESRB in general is not as leak-y as it used to be.



TikiTong said:

The way the kid releases them from his vaccum and turning them into stars reminds me of Kirby...



Rawk_Hawk said:

Its by Data East? then I'm getting it

I agree the ESRB used to leak so many VC games but either Nintendo or the ESRB has really put a stop to that.



Raylax said:

"Guys, we've cancelled Luigi's Mansion 2. But GOOD NEWS! We found this for you instead."



MortalKombat2007 said:

Mmm...this game could of been reskinned as Ghostbusters...yes, I know, but we (as in the U.S.) got a Crazy Castle game (ugh!) reskinned inappropriately as Ghostbusters. As least this game has a vacuum.




Looks like another GAME BOY game I can add to my 3DS VC collection if this comes out in US. Gameplay DOES look repetitive a bit. That and the way the character jumps around looks clunky. But for a game that has someone doing the exact same thing as the Ghostbusters or Luigi sucking up ghosts in Luigi's Mansion. It should be fun to me a bit. As long as this game has somewhat of a decent ending, then I'll be happy.





That seems to be the kind of attitude NOA is taking if you ask me. Just PURE disrespect to the old school retro games and their fanbase who may want to try some games that they missed out on from the past. And then there's some people out there that wonder why the North American audience is getting pissed at the fact of why NO GB or GBC games surface up on the eShop.



Undead_terror said:

@3DSLUIGI i agree,noa needs to put at least 1 vc title a week along a 3ds ware and if theres no 3ds ware in a week let there be 2 or more vc titles9like the week when the game gear titles came out),but if not we must wait til the dsi ware does not continue so in the dsi wares place they should release vc so theres a higher chance in my veiw



iBazly said:

Honestly, I'm really excited for this one and hope it comes out here in NA. It looks kind of crappy, but so crappy that I would love it.

MeloMan: I was just thinking, this is basically what Luigi's Mansion would have been had Nintendo tried to make it in the early 90s hahaha.

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