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Game of the Month: March 2012 - Kid Icarus: Uprising

Posted by James Newton

Worth the wait

There was really no other contender for the best game released in March, right? Pit's triumphant return in Kid Icarus: Uprising swept the board in our staff vote, getting the nod from the whole team.

It seems like an eternity has passed since we got our first look at the game way back at E3 2010, but the wait was well worth it as Pit's latest offers a lengthy single-player campaign, enjoyable multiplayer and enough unlockable content to see you through until summer.

Still not convinced? Then read our Kid Icarus: Uprising review for the full lowdown on what's up with Pit's big adventure.

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Bucho said:

Totally agree, KI:U has been the best i've played on the 3DS in a year, closely followed by Mario 3D Land and RE: Rev.
Keep the great games coming and keep making the 3DS the best console out there.



grumblegrumble said:

I'm going to go so far as to say it's going to be the BEST 3DS GAME of 2012! It's just fantastic in every conceivable way, from menu design down to characters, retro-ness, storyline, eloquent and in-depth level creation.



C-195 said:

I can't wait to get this digital bottle of awesomeness.

(I can't be the only one who read the subheading in a Gabe Newell voice, surly?)



HeroOfTime32 said:

Still on my to buy list. After reading (mostly) positive reviews and hearing what the fans of had to say, this is a definite must buy. For those that own it, is the replay value really good or no? Wondering if you feel a desire to replay parts on higher difficulties or not without anything growing too stale.



GamerZack87 said:

My only complaint is that it'd be far easier on my hands if I could switch what the shoulder buttons do (hand-cramp in my moving/shooting hand after thirty seconds?! ).

In any case, it is an absolute masterpiece. I look forward to owning it in the future...and when I do, the hand surgery will be worth it.



Mk_II said:

Wondering if you feel a desire to replay parts

oh yes, thats the beauty of the difficulty rating system; it always challenges you to try harder and get more rewards.



chewytapeworm said:

What, no Mario Party 9!?!?

Nah, thoroughly deserved. March was actually devoid of any real quality in the gaming department. It was never going to be anything else, let's be fair.



NintyMan said:

This game turned out to be exactly what I expected, an amazing game with an epic story, wonderful music, immersive gameplay, and lots of unlockables. I'll be playing this game for a long time. It's already my personal game of the year.



Prof_Clayton said:

Getting close to the end, this game is my favorite 3ds game. The story, worlds, characters and weapons are all perfect, forming together to form what some call a masterpiece. Keep it up Nintendo!




@GamerZack you can switch whether to shoot with R or L in options
@HeroofTime32 I actually was wondering about replay value before I bought this too and I can safely say that I do replay levels a lot on higher difficulty There are intensity gates int he levels with hidden areas and I just replay them on higher difficulties for more hearts, better weapons and a challenge So yes, there is replay value there and I have played level one like 5 times and it's still not old.



Punny said:

I agree! Kid Icarus: Uprising is fantastic. I knew that it was going to be great, but I never realized that it would become my personal favorite N3DS game so far. It's a perfect blend of quality and quantity, much like Super Smash Bros. Melee and Brawl. A fantastic game.



Chobi said:

Couldn't agree more with you James. Kid icarus uprising is easily the best game of march.



Luigi_is_better said:

Completely agree! I beat it and the story has more twists than an M. Night Shyamalan movie! Plus the multiplayer and weapons aspects are amazing as well! The controls don't bother me either; I play with and without the stand and both work great for me.



RR529 said:

Agree! I haven't beaten it yet (just beat Chap 11 a few minutes ago), but it's fantastic. My personal score as of right now would have to be a 9.5. As far as content, fun, graphical splendor, online, and such are perfect, but the uncomfortable controls unfortunately keep even this from being flawless.



MitchVogel said:

I found this to be the best game on the 3DS yet!10/10 Personally, I don't see why there's all the flak for controls. It's a learning curve and takes getting used to, but by chapter 3 it's like second nature. I didn't find the learning curve for these controls any harder than learning any other new game's controls, but maybe it just depends on the person playing.



Tsukun said:

I personally think this is a perfect game. I haven't felt this way about a game in a looooong time.



warioswoods said:

The main aspect I love about this game is its unapologetic corniness and fun. It doesn't try to be particularly coherent or realistic at any point; they just threw in anything and everything that might make the experience more enjoyable.



Azikira said:

This game is the whole reason I got a Nintendo 3DS, and it was worth the wait. By far the best game you can get for it, with other great games available too!



WingedSnagret said:

I love all the references they said about other Nintendo games. Although I was rather surprised (and a little disappointed) that Palutena didn't say "DO A BARREL ROLL!" XD



grumblebuzzz said:

So we're doing "Game of the Month" now just because KI is out? Hmmm... Anyhow, I really, really wish that I could geek out about this game like the rest of planet Earth because it was very painstaking created with tons of content and great graphics/gameplay, but my giant dinosaur hands make this one unplayable. :/




I still have plans to get this game this Tuesday. Now, the reason why I didn't buy it on DAY 1 is because I wanted to see what the reviews for Kid Icarus: Uprising would be like before I made my decision. To me, what I saw at first looked a bit like a game on a type of like a rail shooter. In this case on the ground. Now that ONLY threw me off a bit, JUST A BIT, but not enough to tell me, no! Don't buy this game. As I saw this game in action, plus hearing how the story and gameplay was, I said to myself, I gotta get this game as soon as I can.
NOTE: The only reason I didn't buy this game earlier was because I was low on cash. Now, normally in my case, I would get severely flamed or bashed for this cause a lot of ppl would think I'm insulting this game when in reality, I sort of was in the beginning of my post by saying I wanted to see what the reviews and what more of the game was like. But I NEVER said I don't want to buy this game. Cause that is not true AT ALL. As for BEST 3DS Game of 2012! ?
IMO, don't hold your breath is what I say. True, it may have been hyped a lot. But we still have about 3 more good 3DS games on the way this year. REMEMBER THAT PPL!



3dbrains said:

OMG this game is amazing!

I have to replay a chapter to follow the story because I looked away to help my missus with the dinner... next thing I know I'm a little girl and then a DOG!

So much fun in one package! and I'm only running through it on 3.0 difficulty!
Cant wait to complete and then ramp up the difficulty level ~



Samholy said:

a masterpiece.

i wasnt sure for the multiplayer part until i got a good selection of weapons. then... i need my multiplayer matches every evening.



Whopper744 said:

This is the great original game that the 3DS needed...could have worked real well on a console too though!! I wish the 3DS screen was a bigger!



AbuJaffer said:

Guys, Chapter 18 is where the story hits home. Before that it's all fun and games (Chapter 17 did make me feel a bit sad for one of the characters) but 18 is where the big twist comes in.



grumblegrumble said:

Omg, u guys are so much further along in the game than me. I'm on chapter 4! I'm also playing Nintendogs + Friends, though, and KI:U and replaying Zelda Spirit tracks as the same time (and trying to play Sakuro Samurai (sp?) when I can, too.) But I only play about an hour a day, so this could take me years. lol!



CowLaunch said:

I am in love with this game, it's gone straight into my top 10 of all time. It strikes me as a wonderful civil partnership between Lylat Wars and Sin & Punishment.

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