You might remember the mysterious Project Sora from last year, an unknown title set up by Masuhiro Sakurai, famed creator of countless Nintendo characters. Today at E3 2010 we found out the game's real name is Kid Icarus: Uprising and it's heading exclusively to 3DS, and it looks amazing.

If the footage shown was rendered in-game then this looks far beyond anything seen on DS: fast, smooth and bold, the polygon graphics may not be far behind the Wii. As Pit flew over seas, deserts and ruined cities the clarity of the graphics was truly impressive, with great lighting and animation throughout.

In gameplay terms the title looks to combine aerial combat with ground-based fights, with Pit switching between his bow and sword as required. The touchscreen looks as though it will handle aiming as the footage clearly demonstrated a reticule, though it's not known whether the 3DS's other gameplay functions, including a gyroscope and motion sensor, will have any part to play in the title's control.

With spectacular bosses, a grand sense of scale and the return of a much-loved but often forgotten character, Kid Icarus: Uprising was certainly the pleasant surprise many fans were hoping for, and we'll bring you our First Impressions shortly.