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Resident Evil Revelations Almost Had Campaign Co-Op

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Killer shrimp were also considered

Resident Evil Revelations was the first major release on 3DS this year, and it's pushed a lot of buttons with an impressive campaign and online co-op mode. Like all video game projects, however, the final product doesn't include everything that the developers initially intended, as producer Masachika Kawata and director Koshi Nakanishi recently told IGN.

The major exclusion from the final project was an online co-op campaign mode, which was eventually replaced by the more fast-paced 'Raid' mode.

We had online co-op for the story campaign up and running in the early stages of development, but feedback from testing indicated that single-player Resident Evil was scarier, so we left it out and focused our attention on improving the single-player survival horror experience. Since we'd done the groundwork and it would have been a shame not to utilise the 3DS's wireless features, we added Raid Mode.

Also discussed were early plans to have the game start with the ship arriving in a port, but ultimately the sense of exclusion and isolation of being out at sea was preferred: remnants of this original plan can be found in the land-based Terragrigia and mountain sections. For those who also wanted to see a greater variety of enemies, that was also something strongly considered.

We were inspired by the incredible variety of real-world marine life, and some of the unused enemy designs were based on octopuses, sharks, sea anemones, tube worms and the extinct abnormal shrimp. We even got as far as designing their attacks but, in the end, we couldn't include most of them for one reason or another.

Most of the creatures were created first and foremost as functions of the game's difficulty curve and level design, but some started out as artists' rough sketches of ideas that became either brand-new enemies or old enemies with new twists.

Throw in the abandoned idea for the cruise ship to capsize and some fairly dramatic features were left out. That said, the final product is still one of the best experiences available on 3DS so far, or so we thought in our Resident Evil Revelations review.

Do you wish any of these ideas had made it into the game, or are you happy with the final result?


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blackknight77 said:

Shrimp can be scary. But seriously I like RE better as a single player experience like the first game



Raptor78 said:

I dont think the game was any less for not featuring these, it was nice to think that they were considered but I dont think people would have loved the game any more than they have done and it gives us something to possibly look forward to in future 3DS Resident Evils. I agree that Revelations would not have been as "scary" (more like jumpy) if CoOp Campaign would have been used but for some Resident Evils it would seem more suitable. Resi 1, Revelations... 4 even work well solitairy but I would like to see Resi 2 & 3 with a co-op campaign as they were not as creepy and much more swarms of zombie action which would work well with a co-op option.



Pikachupwnage said:

Thank God the Co-op didn't hit single player.

And the killer shrimp, sharks, tube worms, and octopuses would've been cool



alLabouTandroiD said:

I think horror games have a lot of potential when it comes to online co-op in contrast to local co-op gaming. I'm not very far into Revelaitons and haven't played RAID mode yet so it could be that these ideas are already implemented, but ...
... when i think RE i could see two or even more players playing in different areas of a mansion working their way to one another. They'd communicate via voice-chat so each one would hear when someone finds new info or is shocked by something. Maybe one could pass an item he found to another by throwing it out of window, flushing it or whatever. In some sections they'd have to fight huge hordes of zombies or bosses together. If one player is slower than the other it wouldn't be so bad because the faster one could help the other by killing "his" foes in advance. None of 'em would have to be bored then.
Of course this is all much easier said than done and could be completely annoying when played with the wrong people.

For Revelations i'm happy that it got the RAID mode and anticipate good co-op content will be in every retail-priced RE from now on. I also hope they keep the unused enemy designs in mind as well as anything else that gives coming RE games variety and keeps 'em fresh.

Edit: I don't know if this is in the game and i don't want to spoil anything, but there are so many possibilities with the cruise ship scenario. Having to go for a dive on the ocean ground, repair a leak inside and / or outside, investigation of a capsized ship that crosses your way, your ship being boarded, having to flee with a life boat, ...



Drake said:

RE5 was completely focused on co-op and was one of the worst games in the series because of it. So it was a good decision not to include it.



ejamer said:

No, Resident Evil isn't FPS.

Personally I'm glad that co-op campaign was left off. I prefer that part of the game as a single-player experience and would rather see them focus on making it creepy and tense with that in mind.

However, the co-op Raid mode is an awesome addition and plays well. Anyone who really wants to play co-op should have more than enough content to explore and enjoy with the Ghost Ship level.



FonistofCruxis said:

I can see why they chose not to include co-op in the main game as that could affect the scare factor but it might work with battleToad's idea.



Kafei2006 said:

The capsize of the ship was the feature I was looking forward to the most. Sad they couldn't find a good way to implement it;



siavm said:

Raid mode is better than a coop story mode. It is just you and bud going through the ship and killing monsters with no cutscenes.



DarkLloyd said:

and thank god there isnt keep it single player that experince is best done alone

in my opinion co-op will completly destroy any fear factor involve when you know someone is there to back you up, its all about getting through someone alone facing your fears simply having someone there with you will only stall your fear not help push it away



Kage_88 said:

" from testing indicated that single-player Resident Evil was scarier"

Wow, really? /sarcasm

The last-minute inclusion of Sheva in Resident Evil 5 sucked big time. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed the game (mostly) - but it was obvious it had far more potential. When it was first revealed, Capcom talked up the fact that the sun & heat would play a big part in scaring the player (which actually sounded awesome); but somewhere along the way (probably when "RACISM!" was stupidly squaked), they were forced to back-peddle and redesign chunks of the game.

I'm thankful Revelations turned out as well as it did.



Gamer83 said:

Glad to see the developers came to their senses and didn't include co-op, it utterly destroyed any sense of atmosphere in RE 5 and would've been even worse in Revelations. Main RE games or spinoffs like Revelations that tie into the main games should remain single player. Save the co-op for huge departures like Operation Raccoon City.



danschemen said:

@Sakura_Moonlight2421 no RE was never first meant to be an FPS nor has it ever been an FPS(yet). RE was meant to be a survival horror game with emphasis on the survival and horror part of the game but in recent game they focused more on story and survival action.

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