The hype is starting to build for Kid Icarus: Uprising, with launch now just over two weeks away. In order to get you ready for some 3D arcade-shooting action, Siliconera has bundled together a rather large batch of 3D screenshots to view on your 3DS.

In order to view these images, you'll need to download this zip file and extract it to the DCIM folder on your 3DS console's SD card. Then load up 3DS Camera and you should be able to view the pictures in glorious 3D-o-vision right away.

Below is a sample of what you can expect from the full set of 3D images. If you want to view this in 3D right away, simply load this page on your 3DS web browser, hold the stylus on the image and swipe up: the top screen will then show the image in all of its stereoscopic glory.