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Kid Icarus: Uprising 3D Screenshots Swoop Into View

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

While you wait for the real thing

The hype is starting to build for Kid Icarus: Uprising, with launch now just over two weeks away. In order to get you ready for some 3D arcade-shooting action, Siliconera has bundled together a rather large batch of 3D screenshots to view on your 3DS.

In order to view these images, you'll need to download this zip file and extract it to the DCIM folder on your 3DS console's SD card. Then load up 3DS Camera and you should be able to view the pictures in glorious 3D-o-vision right away.

Below is a sample of what you can expect from the full set of 3D images. If you want to view this in 3D right away, simply load this page on your 3DS web browser, hold the stylus on the image and swipe up: the top screen will then show the image in all of its stereoscopic glory.



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shonenjump86 said:

Still on the fence with this game. I never really liked Kid Icarus on NES. I may give this one a shot so I will wait on a review.



Malkeor said:

@Shonenjump86: Oh cmon that's like saying if you hate Starfox 64 you're gonna hate Starfox Adventures

Really looking forward to this game though. The only minor complains I heard had to do with with the controls. Hopefully they polished that up before they finished.



shonenjump86 said:

Well, I never was really high on Starfox games either. Not trying to sound like a jerk or nothing like that. This New Kid Icarus game has not impressed me. Thats all.



Malkeor said:

Fair enough.
I hope there's a demo. I hope it sells well too.
Then maybe they'll revive more lost IPs, and continue the Kid Icarus franchise.



Rococoman said:

I go back and forth on this game. I love Sakurai's Kirby games, and Brawl is probably my favorite game, so I feel like this will be right up my alley, since the videos lately have shown that its philosophy is very Brawl-like. However, every live video I've seen of someone playing this looks like an elderly man trying to steer a bus with his cane. I can't wait to hear some honest opinions once people are allowed to finally give them.



ThomasBW84 said:

@ClaytonLuigi The zip file has over 40 images and the 3DS can't download it. You'll need to download the zip file onto a computer and then extract and move the contents into the DCIM folder on your SD card. If you've ever put your SD card into a computer to move a QR code or image off your 3DS, it's a similar process (but in reverse). We added the image onto the page, with the separate instruction, as a small bonus for a quick and easy look at a 3D screenshot.



Raylax said:

Need a quick link to reach this page on your 3DS? Scan this with the 3DS's instant camera (press L or R on the Home screen, then tap the QR Code button):


And this one will take you straight to the 3D picture itself. No slow page loading! Yay!



Prof_Clayton said:

ok, that's what i would do, if i had a computer. But i don't really care, because i just pre ordered it now! Yes!
Thanks for the help guys:)



WingedSnagret said:

"The hype is starting to build for Kid Icarus: Uprising..." Starting to build? I've been hyped for this for the last 3-4 months!



Millenia said:

Wow, the 3D pictures are fantastic and actually got me excited for the game! (I was somewhat regretting my purchase.) It looks like a grand adventure.



ChosenOne25 said:

@shonenjump86 Kid Icarus Uprising is a totally different game compared to Kid Icarus on NES, which was a platformer of sorts. Uprising is a fully realized 3D on rail action game of sorts, plays totally different despite same settings



TheRegginator said:

Please don't judge the game based off of the original, which was a completely different genre and style. That's like hating Mario Kart 7 because you didn't like Mario Bros.



Yosher said:

I just pre-ordered my own copy today. Got an e-mail giving a pre-order bonus with 24(!) AR-cards! Dunno if anything like that was known already, but it's what sealed the deal for me personally since I wasn't even sure if I'd be getting the game anytime soon (of course I WOULD have gotten it eventually).



U3N said:

@Rococoman This game does not have a conventional control scheme, so I'm expecting that people won't be good at first.



3dbrains said:

where did you preorder it? and how much for?
I am looking forward to this game.



TromboneGamer said:

To be honest I'm worried that the multiplayer component is going to be glitched to all hell. I mean with weapons and other objects with no "collisioning" just screams map faults (to my eyes anywho) and Nintendo would probably feel like fixing it would "Be unfair to certain players." I hope the MP component is fun and reliable, but I feel nintendo doesn't exactly know how to handle online play just yet. I'm not worried about the SP though other than atrocious Dialogue.



Knuckles said:

@3dbrains In the U.S. it can be ordered at gamestop, best buy and amazon. At gamestop, i just had to pay 5 out of the 40 dollars for the game in advance.



ImDiggerDan said:

I really wasn't that interested in this game until watching the 13 minute long video by the producer on the eShop yesterday. The multiplayer looks really involved, although I probably wouldn't play multiplayer that much, but the amount of work and content that has been put into the overall package is really tempting me.

If only I didn't have to buy a house right now.

Also, doesn't this one support the circle pad pro thing? There was no mention of it on the video.



Samholy said:

the original NES game got me angry. pissed.annoyed.
yet i couldnt stop myself to go back again into pit's game.

i pre-ordered this game, i hope im doing the right thing. the whole weapons system looks so great to uncover. online multiplayer hooked me first. this is what starfox required for me to keep the game (i sold my starfox)

where i was sold totally, is when i discovered tis a game from the mastermind behind smash brothers.



shinesprite said:

@ImDiggerDan My sentiments exactly. That video made me really see the beauty of the multiplayer. Plus, the inclusion of the remastered NES 3D classic has had me on the fence. However, I'm not too keen on the main story game-play.

Bah, who am I kidding. I've yet to break the seal on my copy of SM3DL and I've barely scratched the 150cc surface of MK7, much less the NL community. I might pick this up in a bargain bin though.

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