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Dead or Alive: Dimensions Demo Punches Europe This Week

Posted by James Newton

On guard

Tecmo Koei scrapper Dead or Alive: Dimensions is the latest 3DS game to get a playable demo in Europe this week.

The fighter gets a free trial version in this week's eShop update, due as always on Thursday.

You can always read our Dead or Alive: Dimensions review to see if this is 3DS's king of fighters or just a jobber.

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AbuJaffer said:

@SkywardLink98 How is a previously released game demo going to have any less of an effect than an unreleased one? I might get the game if the demo sways me, and the same goes for a SFIV one.

I'm hoping for a Rayman Origins demo; I need to make up my mind! If I don't like what I see on the 3DS version, I can get the cheaper + multiplayer-inclusive PC version by pre-ordering AND get Rayman 2! I want a portable Rayman, but if it cuts too much out I'll just have to stick with playing on my laptop (almost portable).



alLabouTandroiD said:

For people that didn't know about the games before it might even be better to have demos for these "older" titles. Since they should be cheaper now the "casuals" are more likely to buy the full version imo.



Ducutzu said:

I am curious if this demo will be available in Scandinavian countries. The game was not distributed here, om some silly ground... I bought it online when it was released. There is absolutely no questionable content in the game. Moreover, it is a fantastic piece of software. It would be a shame to continue to prevent people from giving it a chance.



misswliu81 said:

if you haven't got DoA: dimensions and you are still wary of whether to buy this, it may be worth playing a bit of the demo.

off-topic, i've seen the trailer for dead or alive 5 - all i can say is whilst i have stated i'm not a massive DoA fan, i love fighting games in general and i love the new character redesign. team ninja got rid of those doll-looking faces for something that looks realistic and similar looking as tekken 6 and virtua fighter 5FS.

would like to see DoA 5 ported to the 3DS, wii U sometime.



RR529 said:

Hope some of you on the fence about this one give the demo a shot. It's far better than SSFIV3D, IMO. Heck, I'd go as far to say it ranks right up there with 3D Land, MGS3D, and OoT3D as one of my favorite 3DS games (I've actually put more time into it than any other 3DS title).

BTW, I love SSFIV3D, it's just not as good (IMO).



Maggots said:

I absolutely love this game... one it was the first game to utilize all of the major functions of the 3DS... and you can get it for $20 now... I had SSIV and this ... and i traded in SSIV ... Dead or alive Dimensions was way more fun... there is a lot more to do as well ... with play coins and daily spot pass "DLC" ... it was a way better, well put together experience where as street fighter was just... empty...



CaPPa said:

DOA: Dimensions is the best beat em' up on the 3DS bar none.

If you don't already own the game then download the demo and see what you've been missing out on.



sinalefa said:

As most people here, I heartily recommend the demo, as it is free and you will see what a great game it is.

Demos are a good thing, no matter how old the game is. Heck, I got the Nintendogs demo, and that IS a launch title.



DreamDrop said:

Been thinking of getting it but always changed my mind in the last second. Nowadays playing Tekken, however, I'd love to try the demo and see what I'm missing in my library xP



Csabo001 said:

Definately try this out! I think it's a good idea to launch earlier demos on 3DS.

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