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Code of Princess Battle Movie is Guardian Heroes-Esque

Posted by James Newton

Most wanted?

In case you were still in any doubt that Code of Princess is the spiritual sequel to legendary SEGA Saturn co-op fighter Guardian Heroes, here's some quick footage of the game's battles in action.

Featuring four of the cast of playable characters the movie gives you a short introduction to the chaos of battles, with combos, magic, bombs and more all playing major parts.

We think the game's looking pretty special but with no announced release plans for the West yet we just have to keep waiting.

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shinobi88 said:

If this doesn't localized in the US I'll severely injure myself. Few words in life appeal to me more than "Treasure" and "side-scrolling beat 'em up"



misswliu81 said:

loving the footage so far. i agree with the others, hope this gets localised in the west.



shonenjump86 said:

That looks like a game I can get into. I enjoy playing Guardian Heros on 360. Is this for 3DS or what?



Kirk said:

It looks ok but here's something I find EXTREMELY offensive:

If the original Guardian Heroes back in the Saturn days managed to have proper shadows on all the players and enemies then why are we going backwards on a far more powerful console with these blimmin circles for shadows!?

I really am getting sick of this kind of stuff, on Wii and 3DS primarily!

Basically, in ways that don't make any sense to me at all we have modern Wii and 3DS games that look worse than games from multiple generations back sometimes.

Dragon Quest X on Wii is another great example of this, where the PS2 version of DQ VIII had proper character shadows but for some inexplicable reason the Wii version has went technically backwards and now uses the absolutely stunning circle shadows (sarcasm)!!!

Have developers just given up on putting some decent effort, polish and love into their games these days or what?



kurtasbestos said:

Crap damn horse, I want this game. I only hope you'll be able to make battles as interesting as the original... 3-on-3 Nando battles, 1-on-1-on-1-on-1-on-1-on-1 Wolf battles, Sky Spirit vs. everyone else, etc. I have a running tally of battle stats from 16 people still on my Saturn, some of whom I haven't even talked to in well over 10 years... if they put that kind of stuff into this spiritual sequel, then it'll be beat-em-up love all over again for me.

Kirk -> Are you feeling okay? Try not to let your dislike for circular shadows cause your head to explode, it's not good for your health.



aaronsullivan said:

Looks great and brings back memories.

Can't tell if serious. Here, I'll play along: All I ever look at is shadows! They are awesome. Without shadows a game is useless, nothing and outdated. I look at my own shadow all day! I'm going into the closet and turning the light off, right now. It will look better than this game.



James said:

Man I never even noticed the shadows. That's it, I don't care about this one any more! And it was looking so cool as well with its online co-operative multiplayer too...

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