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Nintendo Download: 15th December 2011 (Europe)

Posted by James Newton

Better late than never edition

No press release from Nintendo of Europe this week but here's what's available to buy on the download services this week.

3DS eShop

Eurosport application (free) — This new video application is part of a new partnership between Nintendo and Eurosport. Featuring clips from the WATTS series it's set to get new content every week well into next year.


Elite Forces: Unit 77 (Abylight, 800pts) — A downloadable revamp of a DS retail title, we'll see if this turns-based strategy has all the right moves in our upcoming review.

Cake Ninja (Cypronia, 500pts) — It's Fruit Ninja but with cakes. We'll sink our teeth into this and bring you a review soon.

Escape Trick: Ninja Castle (INTENSE Co., 500pts) — Another escape-the-room game from INTENSE, sadly this isn't quite one to get you racing towards a purchase, as our Escape Trick: Ninja Castle review explains.


Paint Splash (KnapNok Games, 500pts) — Create artistic masterpieces in this budget art game that's actually surprisingly good: our Paint Splash review explains why.

That's your lot, folks. What are you getting this week?

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alLabouTandroiD said:

Got the Eurosport app, yet to try it though.
I doubt any of the other games will be worth it for me

Edit: Love the new sections in the eShop with the best rated titles. There are games in there which only got rated once. Because of that even SidePocket is in there.



FonistofCruxis said:

No 3DS vc and the dsiware and wiiware that we got isn't interesting. At least the ambassador games are out tomorrow.



Omega said:

No new game for the Wii. If you have nothing other than a Wii, there's not much to choose from. (In terms of downloads.)



Geonjaha said:

Downloaded Eurosport app to check it out. Deleted it after seeing the videos. I keep Nintendo Video, but theres no way I'm wasting 2500 blocks on an app for videos I dont even want to watch.



darkgamer001 said:

Thank you Nintendo for once again giving us an app that is useless in small countries. First Nintendo Video, now Eurosport. Seriously??? >.<



chewytapeworm said:

Hahaha! It's only got a one star user rating in the eshop. Still, if this isn't going to be your sort of thing, then don't download it. There's ten different things I'd rather download tomorrow to be perfectly honest...



Raylax said:

Shame there's no 3DSWare games or VC on the cards this week. But hey, Ambassador games tomorrow, so who's complaining? Asides non-ambassadors

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