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Nintendo and Namco Team Up to Bring One Piece to Europe

Posted by James Newton

Mark your calendars

Nintendo's clearly still in the festive spirit as it's just signed a distribution deal with Namco Bandai to bring One Piece Unlimited Cruise Special to Europe on 10th February 2012.

The game's a 3D revamp of Wii title One Piece Unlimited Cruise Part 1: Adventure Beneath the Waves — one of the rarer Wii games — with new content and of course 3D graphics.

As an extra incentive the first print run of the game comes with a collectible figurine of Portgas D. Ace.

Look for One Piece Unlimited Cruise Special in Europe on 10th February.


21st December, 2011 – The Straw-Hat Pirates from the popular manga series One Piece are setting sail for Europe in 2012. Nintendo and NAMCO BANDAI today confirmed they have entered into a distribution agreement for the forthcoming game One Piece Unlimited Cruise Special, exclusive to Nintendo 3DS. Under the terms of the agreement Nintendo will be responsible for the sales, marketing and distribution of the game throughout European territories with NAMCO BANDAI remaining as publisher. One Piece Unlimited Cruise Special is scheduled for release across Europe on 10th February 2012.

One Piece Unlimited Cruise Special is a remake of the classic Wii game, One Piece Unlimited Cruise Part 1: Adventure Beneath the Waves. Enjoy the game and brand-new bonus material, including the new Marineford Mode, on your Nintendo 3DS for the first time.

Based on the popular manga and anime series, One Piece Unlimited Cruise Special brings Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw-Hat Pirates to Nintendo 3DS for the first time. The action-adventure game allows you to explore four strange islands, battling familiar One Piece enemies in real time. With over 50 hours of gameplay and brand new modes to master, fans of the series will have hours of fun. Battle enemies, collect items and create new useful tools from the things you find on the way to discovering the islands’ hidden mysteries.

As you explore the various islands you’ll be able to switch between each of the nine Straw-Hat Pirates at almost any time to best suit the situation. Each of the nine main characters has their own customisable controls and new attacks that can be unlocked as you progress through the game.

New to One Piece Unlimited Cruise Special, Marineford Mode allows you to take on the role of various characters in a series of one-on-one battles based on the events of the Marineford arc of the manga and anime. You can look forward to playing as some of your favourite characters and mastering each one’s unique and individual moves and abilities.

Make sure you snap up your copy of One Piece Unlimited Cruise Special early, as the first print run of the game will be bundled with a limited-edition collectable figurine of Portgas D. Ace. Grab a copy of One Piece Unlimited Cruise Special to find out about this character’s role in the game.

Take control of the Straw-Hat Pirates and explore the world of One Piece when One Piece Unlimited Cruise Special launches across Europe on 10th February exclusively for Nintendo 3DS.

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Jamouse said:

Hopefully it doesn't have the voice actors from the European version of the anime. They're awful.
Also, I thought the game was a revamp of both unlimited cruise games?




Well One Piece Gigant Battle DS was meant to be released in July 1st 2011 but it was virtually unavailable in the UK until now. I managed to get it from a European supplier (don't worry proper legal copy and English localised). Decent game even for non hardcore fans. This one from what I've seen doesn't really look all that. Wouldn't mind One Piece Gigant Battle 2 DS which is now out in Japan I think, but I'd be surprised if that made it here



LonelyGreyWolf said:

I have Unlimited Cruise 1 & 2 on Wii and I love them. They're actually not all that great and are certainly repetitive, but they're so open. I love how you always progress and evolve, even though you're always doing the same thing. It's a heavily-flawed masterpiece, if you know what I mean.



Linky_97 said:

But Bandai said that it will include both OP Unlimited cruise 1 and 2 and exra stuff!



Blaze said:

Cool! May well pick this up too! Next year is definitely starting strongly, with Resi, Tekken and this all releasing on each subsequent week.



R-L-A-George said:

Nintendo6400 wrote:

Do they even air one piece in NA anymore?

Funimation owns the rights, now.
I think it may be on the Funimation channel but I do actually know the series is on Hulu.



bahooney said:

This is so stupid. I mean, congrats, Europe, but seriously. Where's the love for America lately? Getting Xenoblade was awesome, but we've heard nothing else about the OpRa titles, and we get no announcements or updates for /anything./ NOA is really slacking. Big time. Pick up the pace, Reggie.



FernaMedel said:

of course this is in north america if it wasnt i would find it in awful spanish dubs were i live at



Tryken said:

PLEASE COME TO AMERICA. PLEASE. I am such a huge One Piece fan, and America has next to NO games for it. Come on, Namco, do this!



jpfan1989 said:

I like One Piece! I hope it comes here so I can play One Piece on my 3DS because I Like One Piece.



TheTensho said:

I love one piece! I have to go kidnap Miyamoto and get him to bring it to the U.S...



Glade said:

And another game that probably won't make it to NA. Lucky for Europe though.. Reggie probably doesn't think that our bodies are ready..



CanisWolfred said:

Americans get that One Piece Warriors game, and honestly, I'd say we got the better end of the deal - not only does it look totally awesome, and cover more of the manga/anime, but it's also not some stupid anime fighter.



TheTensho said:

Reggie Fisanimehater dosent like us... whats wrong with him i want to play one piece on the 3DS...

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