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Resident Evil Revelations Comes Loaded with Multiplayer

Posted by James Newton

Online and local

You don't have to face the nightmare in Resident Evil Revelations alone, as the game's official Japanese site has just confirmed the inclusion of online and local multiplayer modes.

The game will allow up to two players in local or online mode, and will feature StreetPass connectivity too. The site doesn't give any further details about how these features will work, but you can bet Capcom and Nintendo won't be quiet too long with the game down for release worldwide early next year.


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19Robb92 said:

Cool, I thought it would be singpleplayer only actually. This is nice bonus. Can't wait to play it!



James said:

I didn't care much for Mercenaries but I've really enjoyed what I've played of this so far. Might pick it up.



Aviator said:

Would be cool if we saw similar DLC episodes as seen in 5 in Revalations.



Raptor78 said:

I enjoyed Mercenaries as a shallow online arcade game that it is, but this would be a single player game for me.
Im interested in what the multiplayer would be and how it would work because any online functionality would be welcomed, but aside from some Resident Evil spin offs Resident Evil will always be a single player game to me.



James said:

I think Monster Hunter is more of a communal game, certainly in Japan. I'd expect MH4 to go online, but 3 G will probably skip it.



Oregano said:

Uhhh they certainly played this smart.... concentrate on the horror aspect and show that it's a very good single player experience then drop the multiplayer bombshell.



Blaze said:

'but you can beat Capcom and Nintendo won't be quiet too long...'

Typo! Beat should be bet! (I feel so superior!)



CorusFace said:

actually, i think James meant to say:
"...but you can beat Capcom and Nintendo. Won't be quiet too long with the game down for release worldwide early next year."



Doma said:

This can't be for the main game, can it? maybe it's a bonus (as it should be) mercenaries mode.



Chris720 said:

Sounds awesome. Not a Resi fan but if it comes with online I might pick it up... I loved Mercs as a nice little online 'beat your high score' multiplayer. If this lets you play the campaign online with varying difficulties and weapons (and items?) then this would be super!



Savino said:

We don't know enough about the game yet, but it can be like RE2 where you have two interconnected stories.
I always imagined how a coop RE2 would looks like!



kkslider5552000 said:

it's weird, usually Capcom nowadays makes a good game and then adds minimum content as an expensive re-release, but this time they made a worthless game and then made sure their next game is actually a worthwhile purchase for anyone.



daznsaz said:

they dont usually do online co-op for a full game play through do they?what happens if the other player wants to leave.can you pause and find new player to join mid-game.i wouldnt mind if it was like that will have to wait and see how it works.might just be mercs bonus game.



Yosher said:

Sweet! I've been wanting to get this. I've played RE Mercenaries 3D quite a lot with a good online friend of mine so this is awesome news for me!



TheGreenSpiny said:

@17: I hope you are not talking about Mercs because that is far from worthless.

@18: Capcom already said that you can delete your save files in this game.

@19: Only RE 5 had co-op, unless you count some of the spin offs.

Anyway I didn't think I could get more excited about this game. I just hope it's not completely co-op dependent like 5 was.



Evleon said:

I want it already with my resident evil 3DS epic cover when u reserve it!!!



NassaDane said:

Not interested. I don't want Multiplayer anywhere near my Non-Rail Shooter Resident Evils. RE was my favorite series but it is trying my patients.



GezMacTavish said:

Im pritty exited now i know that a co-op mode is coming. Thas fun for Online. I dont like download play.

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