The 3DS launched with Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D, and although it played a fine game of football it was a little lacking in the content department. Now Konami has announced PES 2012 3D with much-requested features in tow.

The headline attraction is online play allowing two 3DS owners to settle scores on the pitch via Nintendo WiFi Connection. For solo players, the Master League mode is getting a much-needed revamp, with the ability to exchange data via StreetPass allowing players to take on teams encountered on the road: imagine the StreetPass mode in Dead or Alive: Dimensions in a football context and you're there.

Other new features include an Edit mode to change players and kits, a training mode and touch screen controls too.

There's no release date for PES 2012 3D but we'll keep you posted.

PES 2012 3D heads online
New modes, new control options, and full online functionality confirmed
October 11th, 2011

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has outlined its plans for PES 2012 3D, which will include full support to allow Nintendo 3DS™ users to play other users online.

PES 2012 3D will offer unrivalled realism, and allow users exclusive entry into its recreation of the UEFA Champions League™ tournament, and also allows users to experience the thrills of South America’s high-intensity Copa Libertadores league. Full control is offered over the game, with every pass, through ball, tackle and shot left to the player, and accessible via either the Circle Pad and buttons, or via a new Touch Screen control system where players use the Nintendo 3DS stylus to move their players.

PES 2012 3D then focuses on the skills on show via a number of new, intelligent camera views that pan and swoop to cover the on-pitch action and show off the 3D powers of the Nintendo system, players are also invited to hone their skills in a number of game modes.

The eternally popular Master League option made famous by previous home format versions of PES is now a vital part of PES 2012 3D, and allows users to shape and develop a team of unknowns into a dynamic football force. Similarly, the game’s new Become a Legend option takes a more personal look at the game, charging the player with the progression of one player trying to establish themselves as a world-class talent.

Other new additions include new League and Cup competitions, Free Training where the multi-layered controls elements can be practiced, and an Edit Mode wherein the players and their kits can be adapted. PES 2012 3D also boasts a strong online element following huge demands for fans of the series.

Players can now play against a friend in one-vs-one games via both wireless and Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection settings, while KONAMI has implemented a new take on the StreetPass™ system of data exchange. PES 2012 3D users can now exchange Master League team data with other Nintendo 3DS users, with players invited to take a CPU opponent using the team of other players.