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Go Beyond the Labyrinth With New 3D Screenshots

Posted by James Newton

RPG gets Japanese date

Konami just revealed a release date for gorgeous 3DS RPG Beyond the Labyrinth, and bundled in a load of new 3D screenshots too.

The game — developed by experienced RPG studio tri-Ace — will reach Japan on 19th January, and follows a mysterious and anonymous white-haired girl as she chances upon an ancient sealed magic.

There's been no announcement of any Western release plans for the RPG, so we'll have to sit tight and enjoy these 3D screenshots below to take the edge off.

To see a screenshot in 3D, load up this page in your 3DS browser. Hold your stylus over the images below until they load up in the top screen in glorious three dimension-o-vision.





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sgotsch said:

Correction: Still getting the message on the first two pictures. The rest is working.



Samholy said:

ive been negative towards nintendo lately.

but this one, this is why i stick to the 3DS. im looking forward to this one for sure.



FonistofCruxis said:

If this does get a western release, I won't be getting it. Firstly, its a first person rpg and I don't like those sorts of rpgs, it may not look it in the screenshots but you don't actually play as that white-haired girl, she just assists you and is the only one of the main characters that you see on screen. The other reason is because from what I've heard, all the story is, is that you play as a group of people trying to escape a labyrinth with the help of the mysterious girl thats been in most of the screenshots and thats pretty much it.



zionich said:

Waiting on some real games for the 3DS, my opinion, is really irritating. Mario is good, but I would choose a great fantasy RPG/Adventure over him anyday.



X-145 said:

Looks good, graphiclly. I'll be watching this. Not to sound like a Big N fanboy, but those screenshots prove all the HD fanboys wrong about what the 3DS can do. I hope it comes State-side!



shinesprite said:

@4 Even after clearing the history and cookies, I'm having the same issues viewing the images in 3D.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

The game certainly looks flashy enough. The premise sounds a lot like a dungeon crawler like Etrian Odyssey, except action based?

Also, is this the first article to actually have the 3D picture option enabled?



Noire said:

She's This is pretty. I do want her the game in my bedroom 3DS.




alLabouTandroiD said:

Yeah, the first two screenshot didn't work for me either. Hopefully more 3D screenshots from other games will find their way to us in the future. Even more 3D trailers wouldn't hurt either.
The game looks good so far so i hope it will make its way to the entire western market.

@mariofanatic128 (11.): What if there's a really good story about the girl ? You're not interested in that ?
I can smell a lot of flashbacks maybe à la Lost here.



James said:

No idea why those first two didn't work. Enjoy the rest of 'em though



CyberNature said:


How is this fuel for Rainfall? This isn't Nintendo's game. We can't just, from now on, blame every RPG that doesn't make it to America that just happens to be on a Nintendo platform on Nintendo!



Scissors said:

I need this game badly, I don't care if it's boring. I can't hate something this beautiful.



MeloMan said:

Nice looking... Oh wait, it's an RPG AND a non-cash in/cheap made, quality, Konami game. Between Konami and Nintendo, that's two reasons right there I doubt I'll get to play it here in the States. (set's hope meter to 0)



rtr0GMR1 said:

There's been no announcement of any Western release...I am getting real tired of reading those words on this website.

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