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Zelda Developers Want to Judge Your Zelda Flipnotes

Posted by James Newton

So make 'em good

Last year Nintendo celebrated Mario's 25th anniversary with a Flipnote Studio competition. This year it's celebrating Zelda's 25th anniversary with a Flipnote Studio competition. It's nothing if not consistent.

As with last year's effort, Nintendo wants you to use its DSiWare animation tool Flipnote Studio to create a short skit about Zelda. The best entries will be judged by none other than legendary game developers Eiji Aonuma, Shigeru Miyamoto, Yoshiaki Koizumi and Takashi Tezuka. If your effort is picked, it'll be featured on Flipnote Hatena, the Nintendo homepage and Wii's Nintendo Channel too.

The contest closes on 9th September, so get sketching. The official Nintendo Zelda site has tips for how to draw the green-clad hero, if you're struggling.

3DS owners should note that Flipnote Studio is not available to download: it is exclusive to DSi and DSi XL. Nintendo will release Flipnote Memo for 3DS in the future, but we don't know when. Sorry.


Celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda by creating Zelda inspired short animations using Flipnote Studio™

8th August 2011– To mark the 25th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda, the critically acclaimed video games series, Nintendo announces the launch of ‘Make Your Own Zelda Flipnote’ – a competition which goes live today to find some of the best, original Zelda-inspired Flipnote animations from across the globe using the Nintendo DSiWare™ software Flipnote Studio, which is exclusively available for Nintendo DSi™ and Nintendo DSi™ XL.

Flipnote Studio is a fun and easy-to-use software which is available for free to owners of Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DSi XL handheld consoles. It allows players to create their own unique and inspired short animations which can then be viewed online via a special service accessible with the Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DSi XL: Flipnote Hatena.*

The ‘Make Your Own Zelda Flipnote’ competition, which opens for entries today and which closes on 9th September 2011, invites Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DSi XL owners to create and submit their own animated Zelda Flipnote, celebrating memorable scenes, unique characters and challenging puzzles from across Zelda’s 25-year history. Using one of a few provided sample flipnotes, aim to unleash your Zelda imagination by creating an original animation; animate Ganon battling, have Princess Zelda being rescued or perhaps animate Link solving a puzzle in one of the many dungeons featured in The Legend of Zelda series of video games.

Each entrant will be able to submit a single animation which will be judged by key members of the Nintendo Co., Ltd. development team who have been closely involved in the making of The Legend of Zelda series of games. Mr Takashi Tezuka, Mr Eiji Aonuma, Mr Yoshiaki Koizumi and the original creator of Zelda and Mario, Mr Shigeru Miyamoto will be looking for and choosing some of the most original creative flipnotes which will then be posted on the Nintendo homepage, Flipnote Hatena on Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DSi XL and the Nintendo Channel for other Zelda fans to marvel at.

This global competition is part of a special 25th Anniversary website for the Legend of Zelda series. Visit to find out more about the The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony Concert Tour which will be stopping off in London on 25th October 2011, for a one off European date, as well as watch a Symphony Orchestra performance from the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2011 and delve into the history of The Legend of Zelda series. Stay tuned to the site as further information will become available on the on-going series of events which will take place in 2011 to recognise a quarter of a century since The Legend of Zelda video game was first released in Japan in 1986.

2011 also sees the launch of new and updated Zelda adventures for you to enjoy. Available now for Nintendo 3DS™, The Legend of Zelda™: Ocarina of Time 3D is a completely remastered version of the classic title. The game now incorporates 3D graphics, as well as a brand new control scheme which utilises the functionalities of Nintendo 3DS. Zelda fans should also look out for The Legend of Zelda™: Skyward Sword available on Wii™ later this year which makes full use of the Wii Remote™ Plus controller to guide Link on his quest to rescue Princess Zelda.


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Late said:

Why can't 3DS have a Flipnote Studio... Waiting for the new Flipnote for 3DS.



Supremeist said:

Transfer it to the 3DS eShop for us and let us enter the contest as well. I don't have my DSi anymore, so.



Superducky said:

@2 Or maybe the developers behind Zelda are more passionate about their work then the developers behind Metroid.



TKOWL said:

I think those Spirit Tracks Flipnotes that were made awhile ago should also be submitted.



mumoftwokids said:

i won`t be entering this contest i suck at flipnote and drawing but good luck to all of those who enter



LordAndrew said:

Who wrote that press release? I thought Zelda wasn't a princess in Skyward Sword.

Also, 3DS owner here, so whatever.



Retro_on_theGo said:

I'll enter if I feel like it. I won the weekly Flipnote thing once so I guess i might have a chance..



XCWarrior said:

You would think this would be released for the 3DS. I mean you wouldn't want to try and promote that new system of yours, would you Nintendo? So stupid.



pntjr said:

Why? Why? NOW'S the time i get a 3DS. I want flipnote, and i want it bad!



Supremeist said:

I honestly want Flipnote Memo right now more than any game on the eShop. I used it 24/7 on the DSi. I'd be willing to pay up to $10 for it on the 3DS, just to get it right now. Come ON Nintendo!



CapedGodot said:

@6 Is Zelda more well known? Yes. Is it better? Hell no. The nearly complete lack of recognition for the armor-clad lady's birthday by Nintendo is infuriating. After all, girls hate it when you forget their birthday.



Buster13 said:

Flipnote is the reason I didn't trade in my DSi when I bought the 3DS. I figure I'll enter this, I had soooo much fun with the Mario Contest last year...



WiiLovePeace said:

Hey I can't see it, but is there any prize on top of having your flipnote added to various Nintendo sites? Like a signed copy of Skyward Sword or something?



Ren said:

that's weird. I had no idea there was anything different on dsi ware that wasn't available on 3DS. Why? hows that for an apology to the early supporters of 3DS!
Oh, well, mines out getting it's scratched screens fixed anyway. What a broken launch.



Crunchy_in_milk said:

How long can the animations be?
If they're able to be long enough to animate a whole Zelda game in it's entirety and somebody does that then I will flip! (Pun intended)



Buster13 said:

Haha, It seems like it, huh?

If it's anything like the Mario Flipnote Contest last year, then the winners receive nothing tangible, only recognition on the website and having the note posted on the Wii's Nintendo Channel.

The animations can be from 20-25 seconds. (That's 240-300 Frames at speed 6 for those saavy to Flipnote Studio). However, the music sample notes the contestants are to build off of only contain 20 seconds of music, so expect many to be that length.



Incredible-JMAN said:

i dont go on flipnote hatena anymore, mainly because most of the stuff people make on there sucks (lame potitions, music videos of the same thing, annoying kids screaming), and also cause im now using my 3ds, i cant wait for flipnote 3d to come out though, hopefully more advanced tools to work with.



Punny said:

Good lord, you guys have to see the example Flipnote on the Zelda 25th Anniversary site. It is hilarious.

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