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Level-5 May Consider Wii U Professor Layton Ports

Posted by Trevor Chan

Staff members talk Wii U

This week's issue of Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu features a section where game developers and producers talk about Nintendo's next home console the Wii U, and among those that took part were Level-5 president and CEO Akihiro Hino and Jiro Ishii, who's working on the upcoming 3DS title Time Travelers.

As reported by Japanese blog Sokuho@Hokanko and translated by Andriasang, Hino revealed that Level-5 can now consider porting the Professor Layton games over to the Wii U thanks to the controller's touch screen which will enable stylus-like input. Hino also expressed his interest in exploring what other games can now be enjoyed in the living room with the introduction of the Wii U.

Ishii on the other hand, was just excited to see the The Legend of Zelda tech demo in action. Speaking about the Wii U's controller, Ishii said he's personally excited to see how the controller will change the way gamers enjoy their boardgames and card games.


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Retro_on_theGo said:

Hey that's great. They better have some new content though if they do decide to port the games.
Also, I forgot about time travlers! Has anything new been said about that game? I was looking forward to it.



3DS said:




Yasume said:

As much as I love Professor Layton, there's no way I'm paying full price for simple ports. I'm happy with my handheld versions and will only purchase new installments.



CapnKael said:

I agree with the no ports stance. I absolutely love Layton, so in that sense i would much, much rather a new trilogy on Wii U or something.



TheBaconator said:

If they are going to be ported, the only thing I can see being added that would really enhance the games would be Higher-Quality Music, HD cut scenes, and if they could, add voice acting to all dialog. Then the port would be worth it.



Gamer83 said:

Just what the Wii U will need to be a major success, ports of DS games. Nintendo is on a roll lately.



alLabouTandroiD said:

I've got all the games yet, so it doesn't matter to me much. If they don't do a super lovely collection-disc of all the current titles that is.
If they are going to do straight ports i'd recommend releasing them as Wii U Ware.



Pac-Suit said:

I think what Hino meant by porting, was the series, not the actual games.

But the idea of Professor Layton & The Curious Village in HD, does excite me.



apa-sl said:

That would be nice. I have sold my DS some time ago and I miss Layton series. BUT a new instalment for a full price or a port with some lower price (some downloadable game for example?)



Henmii said:

Personally I don't need those ports, since I have already the original titles. Though it may be fun for people who have missed out on those titles.

Personally, I would like a original Professor Layton on Wii u. Maybe it's time to do something different with the franchise. I think it would also be fun if they make a real point and click Professor Layton!

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