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Sun 17th Oct 2010

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apa-sl commented on Wii Celebrates Its Fifth Anniversary in Europe:

In my country the Wii was just... laying on the shops' shelves after the premiere. So what I have done was to go to the biggest shop in my city, buy all available Wiis, get them on ebay and help the fellows in UK that strugled with Wii shortages Of course one piece gone to my home and I had a blast with my friends playing tennis & box.



apa-sl commented on Review: Rayman Origins (Wii):

Great platformer but not sure if better than DKCR. I have to admit that the graphic looks great on the Wii at 50' plasma set (was worried that there will be to much pixels compared to HD but everything looks great).



apa-sl commented on Review: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (Wii):

Just ended it. I have to agree with the others - great and truly unique game. The story and the climate through the gameplay is awesome. Also the controls are really nice and intuitive. It is true that there is not much fighting, but we can fight in almost every nowadays game. What I want is a story with nice twists and climate. Here you'll get both (starting from the game's menu!).



apa-sl commented on Talking Point: The Most Memorable Nintendo 64 ...:

My biggest Nintendo-related dream: to see Rare at it's glory with an outstanding sequel of Conker's Bad Fur Day. Best and sadly most forgotten games ever. OF course Super Mario 64, Paper Mario, Mario Kart, Wave Racer, Turok and N64 Zeldas also kicked butt. I remember when in Primary school I was watching screens from turok in one magazine (they were the size of a post stamp) and could not believe that Turok had such realistic graphic, haha



apa-sl commented on Review: Disney Epic Mickey (Wii):

I love the concept behind the Epic Mickey but I have to agree that there are some technical flaws.


  • story
  • whole idea
  • concept art
  • old disney movies as extra contect (currently unlocked 2, hope there are more).


  • camera
  • uneven level graphic design - some moments are genius, some are very good and some are just good
  • I was dissapointed at the begining by the stage with mad doctor, I was unfamiliar with the controls and camera, graphics were far worse than in the intro and I thought that the whole game will be crap. Fortunately after playing it for a while it turned to be a very good production

Hope Disney will make another part with similar concept of the story and art but far more superior technically and graphically