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La-Mulana DLC Announced

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

If you like difficult levels, it's for you

The game has still not been released in Europe and North America, but details of the upcoming DLC for La-Mulana have now been revealed.

Downloading the 300 Nintendo Point package will unlock a boss rush mode, which comes with a timer so you can try to beat your best times on it. But any La-Mulana veterans will know that the next feature's the most important.

Downloading the DLC will also allow you to access the Hell Temple, an infamously hard bonus dungeon from the original game which is now back, with the promise of being even harder than it used to be. There's also still a "reward" for beating the Hell Temple, but we'll let you discover what it is for yourselves. The DLC will become available in Japan next Tuesday.

Naturally, Nigoro has also released a new trailer showcasing the DLC's contents, which you can view below:

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There's still no word on the Western release date for the game, but the game is supposedly 100% done and simply awaiting Nintendo's sign of approval. We'll update you the moment a date is revealed.


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Xkhaoz said:

Yay, DLC for a game that isn't even out. But still, it's always good to see DLC on a Nintendo console.



sykotek said:

After watching the trailer, La Mulana reminds me a great deal of a good way.

On the topic of DLC though, does anyone know where I can find a list of games that have DLC and their point values?

For example, I know the following games have DLC:
Final Fantasy IV: The After Years
Final Fantasy: My Life As a King
Mega Man 9
Mega Man 10
Space Invaders: Get Even



Odnetnin said:

That would be cool if the same thing happens with this that happened with Cave Story and the DLC becomes included with the base game. This is pretty much the same stuff from Cave Story after all!



Link79 said:

Why does every game made or published by Nicalis for Wiiware take so freakin long to be released? What's the problem?
Get it out and stop teasing us dammit!



KaiserGX said:

If it was DLC for something they made later on then that would be neat. These are part of the original game though besides boss and time attack. All it is is a key.

So all together it's 1500 right?



WolfRamHeart said:

So, the FULL game is really 1500 points. I hate when content that is supposed to be included in a game is withheld just so a company can rip-off their customers. Just release the whole game at 1500 points and be done with it instead of trying to fool people into thinking that this DLC is extra content.



jkshaz said:

Not sure how crazy I am about the Hell Temple being DLC. Unfortunately if I find that I can be successful at this new La Mulana without losing every last shred of my sanity they may have me over a barrel. However I struggled mightily with the original so there may be no fear of that to begin with.




DLC? AWES-wait, we have to pay for something that's already in the original? Whatever, it's not like someone else did it a million times...



Omega said:

tendoboy1984 wrote:

What exactly is this game?

It's like Castlevania with puzzles. The problem is that most of the puzzles are like: Do some random things in one room that change some things in another room so you get some item you don't know how to use.

I mean really, the puzzles in the original freeware game are insanely confusing. At least there's a "Let's Play" on YouTube (from Deceased Crab) and a Wiki that helps with some of the puzzles. But even with a detailed walkthrough (which doesn't exist) I doubt many people have the patience to beat it.

For the 300 extra points they should've included an easy mode for people who don't like to cry while gaming.



Radbot42 said:

@Omega This version of the game has been given a helper to guide you through the game so you don't get as lost. I'm not sure how much the guide will help, but I bet this version will be beatable.



Drake said:

@zranoll: In fact, the entire game has been redesigned so as to be a lot less retro in terms of having to search around a ton, stuff is a lot more obvious now, you can get hints everywhere, you can record the writing on tablets to take it with you anywhere, etc.

On the official blog during development they specifically asked players what parts of the original game were too confusing or illogical so they could make them more understandable.



Mandoble said:

I did play (and I'm still playing) PC original version of this game with the English patch. It is diabolic! Like playing a sequel of Maze Of Galious for MSX1, really amazing, resembling the original style of Konami creating the most interesting platform/adventure games, where your skill jumping from here to there is just a pretty small and anectodical fraction of what is needed to complete the masive maze. I really wish the best luck for the fantastic team of designers and programmers that made this game. How much should many learn of the old Konami and its truly followers.



MeloMan said:

I haven't been this stoked for a retro style game in a long time. I am SO READY for the pain in this game it makes no sense




ogo79 said:

im intrested in this, however everytime i go to Deceased Crabs youtube i pass up this playthrough for some reason, yall are sayin its terribly hard, im going to watch his playthrough and see what this is all about.



Vinsanity said:

I don't even care anymore. Nintendo has abandoned the Wii; so have i. Last Holiday season was killer though - the one, two, three (or four) punch of Sonic Colors, Epic Mickey and Kirby's Epic Yarn were amazing. And if you dig DKC Returns, props to you (I can only handle so many blind, cheap deaths before I realize I'm not having fun, myself).

But the Wii is dead now. I packed it up and moved it into the den. I'm not turning it back on to download a game like this. This should've come out before. There's no reason this thing should've taken so long. 3 versions of Cave Story will have come out by the time this comes out ONCE. Feh. Screw it.



SwerdMurd said:

it's nothing like castlevania imo. Enemy AI is worse, everything smaller, and attacking takes 4 times as long.

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