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Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Reaches Second Place in UK Charts

Posted by James Newton

Link's latest legend a sales success

The Hero of Time returned to the sales charts this week as Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D reached second place in the UK All-Formats Chart.

Only dance party sensation Zumba Fitness on Kinect and Wii sold more copies, with Link's adventure comfortably outselling new multi-format releases including EA's Alice: Madness Returns and Dungeon Siege III.

Sales figures suggest that as many as 1 in 5 UK 3DS owners have bought Link's four dimensional adventure, which makes us wonder what the other four are up to. It's already the second biggest-selling 3DS game however, just trailing behind Pilotwings Resort's total sales.


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Chrno-x said:

I just buyed the 3DS with Zelda: OoT and now i'm waiting for package, but those waiting are killing me! I hope that the remake of Ocarina will be a great success, because if not i will lost my faith in the gaming industry and modern gamers :x



Dodger said:

I convinced my friend who hasn't played OoT to buy this game, but I'm skipping. I would of bought it over Pilotwings in a heartbeat if it was a launch title, but now it's not a launch title but a remake of a game I already have with nice graphics. I'm 14, I got OoT a year ago, I knew the graphics hadn't aged well. That isn't one of my complaints about the game. I have lots of fun with OoT without even noticing the aged graphics, I would rather put my $40 towards something I haven't played before. I'm glad that it's turned out well, but there are so many new 3DS games I want later. I also think it would be selling even better if it was out at launch.



NintyMan said:

Well, there you have it. OOT 3D would prop the 3DS up, and Mario Kart and Super Mario will really raise up to the stars!



HipsterDashie said:

I bought a 3DS yesterday just to play this sucker. Not that I have (or will for 2 weeks infact)...

I <3 revision. ¬___¬



Kit said:

Hooray! Zelda + 3DS = Awesome combination! ATM it's THE reason to buy a 3DS, I expect Ninty's share values to go back up now!



alLabouTandroiD said:

This makes Nintendo's offer to give anyone who registers this game until the end of the month a free soundtrack CD seem huge. I mainly bought the game because of it and got the confirmation mail for it on Friday.
And i hope many of the buyers take part in our little Game Club here.



daznsaz said:

im doing a lot of wandering in the water temple at the moment lol the 3ds reviews for it are shooting up getting on for 2000 cant fault this game



MegatronD said:

Had to force myself to put it back down last night. I'm at Jabu Jabu. The 3D is the best showcase to date and I broke out the old N64 version to do a compare and contrast. This game puts the old one to shame. And, it's STILL fun after all these years.



KrazyBean said:

Well done Ocarina of Time! But seriously, this game is too awesome for words!! Lovin' it!!



Token_Girl said:

Not surprising. I got the last copy at my Target, and they rarely sell out. They still have limited edition Mario All Stars, and I don't think they even ran out between printings!



Gamer83 said:

Hopefully sales stay strong. This is one of the great games of all time and now finally available in portable form. I was there for the original release but it's been about 10 years now since I last played OoT so this has been somewhat like a new experience. The 3D effect is very impressive but they did a good enough job smoothing out the graphics that it still looks great even with the 3D turned off and gyro aiming is nice little addition to the gameplay though I don't usually use it.



tone7888 said:

This game has set the standard of how games should be made for the 3DS. It is the first game I have that I can honestly say I'd rather play it in 3D.



cyrus_zuo said:

Bought a copy this morning on the way to work, I'm looking forward to playing it when I got home (and since I got Ocarina at Target I picked up Shadow Wars for 1/2 price on their deal...which works out well, I really liked that game when I rented it, so my 3DS collection goes from 1 to 3 in one quick minute, and I'm proud of all 3 games in it!).



kkslider5552000 said:

Lost to a fitness game. Oh Nintendo, what madness did you help create?!

Seriously, I shouldn't be surprised at this point. But, Zelda will sell well regardless, IT'S OOT ON A HANDHELD. If it didn't sell well, that would have to be considered a disaster for Nintendo.

Feel sorry for Alice, that game looked like all kinds of awesome and it's losing to a fitness game and a game from 1998.



hYdeks said:

When I get my 3DS next month, this is the game I'm getting with it, definately



Bigrat said:

I'm getting OoT friday at Fred Meyers. Anyone know if they stock OoT in the fred meyer's's Alaska branch?



golephish said:

Been playing this since I got it SUnday and I too am only at jabber jabber. any of you hardcore gamers out there start the master quest yet ?

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