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Darksiders II Launching in 2012 for Wii U

Posted by Trevor Chan

Up and running already, and looking good

Footage of upcoming third-party Wii U titles shown at E3 may have consisted of content from PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 games, but that doesn't necessarily mean the end products won't be able to look as good.

Developed by Vigil, Darksiders II is up and running on Wii U and has been for about five weeks. THQ Core Games EVP Danny Bilson spoke to Eurogamer and revealed that the action adventure game could have been shown off at the expo in greater detail but Nintendo decided against having games at the booths.

Although a complete rundown of Wii U's specs has yet to be released by Nintendo, making direct comparisons with other consoles difficult, Bilson is sure that the Wii U version will "absolutely" look as good as the PS3/360 versions despite having a few creases that still need ironing out:

We have Darksiders II completely running on the Wii U right now... The Darksiders team was one of the first teams to get dev kits. We've had dedicated engineers on it working seven day weeks leading up to the show... We now have it running with the controller. So we could have shown it...

THQ is planning to release Darksiders II in 2012.


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BlueBandanaJake said:

This seems to be the trend with Nintendo's E3 presentations: the year new hardware is introduced there arent alot of games announced, because that's not the point right now, the point is to let it sink in and imagine what's possible with these new ideas.

Next year we'll see Darksiders II and much more software playable once the WiiU is ready to be launched, that'll be the truly big presentation. I cant wait.



FonistofCruxis said:

This looks better than most of the third party games announced for the wii U but its still not a game I'd want.



TalesOfFan said:

I really enjoyed playing the first title on my PS3. I'm glad that I can play the second game on a Nintendo console, as the game takes a lot from the Zelda series.



PiribroH said:

I'm really excited about Darksiders II. However, I'll still have to play the first one through.



HolyMackerel said:

The first Darksiders is pretty good, if glitchy. Interesting story and designs with a fun DMC-like combat system. Looking forward to the second one.



moosa said:

You guys keep using that word "launch." Consoles "launch;" games "release." It's misleading to use the term "launch" for a game unless it's a "launch title."



theblackdragon said:

@moosa: 'launch title' is a noun. 'launching' is a verb. the difference is subtle, but present, and hey — for all we know it very well could wind up a launch title for Wii U :3



Aviator said:

It's this one dude fighting against others. Nothing real big in the story department.

The first was a great game. A mix of Zelda and God of War.



SwerdMurd said:

i live next door to a guy who works for this company! Great guy, great studio, and great series so far--I'll be watching this one!



Fuzzy said:

Can't wait. The voice acting was great in the first game too. One of my favourite PS3 games.

I heard there is a different main character in this one- another horseman.



Bankai said:

This is quite literally the Wii U game that might sell the console to me. The original was a hugely underrated work of art.



Henmii said:

So now it is confirmed? Good news! I am not sure if I'll buy it (same with most thirdparty games they showed for wii u), but it is a hardcore game on a Nintendo console and that's just a good sign!



tweet75 said:

would really like to see darksiders 1 thrown in as a bonus , I dont like when games jump systems between sequels.



GameLord08 said:

Now, this has certainly caught my eye. And it's hard to catch my eye. Even if you flash.

But still, this game looks awesomely smooth... This just may be an insta-buy for the Wii U if it goes the right way.



rjejr said:

Sort of agree with Moosa, don't use "launch" unless it's at launch. Which this very well could be as the WiiU doesn't have a launch date yet, so I'll say it will probably be a launch title, but putting "launch" in the title makes people think it's been announced as a launch title. I also haven't played the first but it's on the list, now I'll wait to see if it gets repackaged - anybody have a count how many Dreamcast games were repackaged, I lost count at "a lot". (that's a rhetorical question)



SilverBaretta said:

@moosa: Didn't the development head for this game say "We plan to have Darksiders II on the console at launch" in the E3 3rd party video showcasing all of the hardcore games announced? Granted, "plan" is not the same thing as "will", but it's more than the other games have...



CaPPa said:

"Bilson is sure that the Wii U version will "absolutely" look as good as the PS3/360 versions despite having a few creases that still need ironing out"

That sounds disappointing to me as I'd have hoped that WiiU versions of games would look better, not just 'as good' or 'nearly as good'. The hardware looked more powerful though and EA seem to think that it is, so hopefully this is just the result of rushed development.



Arcanum said:

I just laugh at all the haters...they hate so much that they don't even know what to hate about anymore and they pick random stuff to hate on without knowing much about what it is they are hating about. This time around they watched the vid and said "PS3 STILL HAS BETTER GRAPHICS" and "Wow so Nintendo finally gets better graphics. PS2 GRAPHICS! xD". That right there is blind hate... Those vids are not WiiU graphics, they are vids of games coming out for PS3/Xbox. what idiots.



Henmii said:

"would really like to see darksiders 1 thrown in as a bonus , I dont like when games jump systems between sequels"

I agree! If I'll buy it, I would also like the original as a bonus. Who knows, maybe it will happen!



moosa said:

@19 I believe you're right, and considering the content of this article it doesn't seem like there's any reason why they wouldn't have this ready for day 1 at launch. But NL has been using the term "launch" referring to other games lately as well. I still believe it's misleading. Nobody talks about "launch dates" for software.

I'm not trying to make it out to be a big deal. It's not. But I do also believe it's important for reporters to strive to deliver information that's accurate and not misleading (whether or not that's what ends up happening in the real world).



Ren said:

I don't get the weird worry of people since the WiiU announcements that it it has to be "better" than the PS3 and 360. If it's somewhat up to par (and displays HD/ 1080p) that's more than enough for me. After the processing power of what is out there now it's mostly about design and control. How do we judge and Gripe about what is "better" when the standard is already almost photo-realistic with surround sound?
It's pretty weird to me. I'm happy with the Wii now, but what I really want is just a step up to an HD system with a fast processor and lots of storage so some of the better designed games can have that texture and physics at full speed. I don't expect to be measuring if it's "better" or not on paper or even in the details; who cares? I just want cool games that look super exciting and real. We're not getting that on the Wii as much anymore.
I sort of can't imagine why Sony or Micro even need to upgrade anytime soon, either. What more can someone want? The programing of real time physics in graphics will have to advance a lot further before we really need that much more processing power for games than what PS/xbx can offer now. I guess more screens output, and 3D space in HD will burn up a lot (like in a virtual space), but we're still barely there, just enjoy what we have, people, who cares which one is better, it's all pretty kick a**.



JustanotherGamer said:

Darksiders 2 will be my launch title if I do buy the Wii U at launch. It will be interesting to compare Darksiders 2 on Wii U, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3. In theory the Wii U should be better than the other 2 consoles. So we see then.

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