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BIT.TRIP COMPLETE Fills Retail Void on 13th September

Posted by James Newton

Core fans rejoice!

BIT.TRIP COMPLETE, the disc collection of WiiWare's finest retro-styled musically-themed series, is coming to retail in North America on 13th September.

The package contains all six games as well as a soundtrack CD, video gallery, 120 in-game challenges, art gallery, online leaderboards and more.

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TORRANCE (ALTERNATE REALITY), Calif. – June 24, 2011 – Aksys Games, a publisher of interactive entertainment software, in collaboration with game developer Gaijin Games, is pleased to officially reveal that in addition to BIT.TRIP SAGA on the Nintendo 3DS™ system, BIT.TRIP COMPLETE will be released on Wii™ as a complete six-game retail compilation, packaged with a BIT.TRIP Soundtrack Sampler audio CD. BIT.TRIP SAGA (Nintendo 3DS) and BIT.TRIP COMPLETE (Wii) will be shipping to retailers September 13, 2011.


All 6 games in the award-winning BIT.TRIP series in one complete package with 120 completely new BIT.TRIP challenges spanning all six games!

New audio gallery with fan remixes, original songs, and demo versions of existing BIT.TRIP themes!
An image gallery with exclusive production stills, concept art, and promo images!
A video gallery with more than 25 movies telling the story of CommanderVideo!
6 Letters to BIT.TRIP fans, written by the series' director!
Original soundtrack CD packaged with BIT.TRIP COMPLETE featuring music from all six games in the series!
New difficulty modes in all games!
Online leaderboards!


  • BIT.TRIP BEAT marks the beginning of CommanderVideo's epic journey of the soul with:

o Crazy boss battles!
o Ultra-precise controls!
o A Crazy Chiptune-inspired soundtrack!
o Special Chiptune guest star Bit Shifter!
o Classic gameplay with brain-melting visuals!
o Intriguing cut scenes!

  • BIT.TRIP CORE is the second installment in CommanderVideo's soul quest with:

o Beautiful boss battles!
o Classic NES-style controls!
o A thumpin' Chiptune-inspired soundtrack!
o Special Chiptune Guest Star Bubblyfish!
o Mind-melting challenges!
o Revealing cut scenes!

  • BIT.TRIP VOID continues CommanderVideo's epic journey with:

o Mid-level checkpoints!
o Epic boss battles!
o A rockin' Chiptune-inspired soundtrack!
o Special Chiptune guest star Nullsleep!
o Synaesthetic music/art/gameplay interaction!
o Hyper-realistic retro cut scenes!

  • BIT.TRIP RUNNER marks the first fully character-based adventure for CommanderVideo with:

o Rhythm-based action platforming!
o Boss battles against robotic terrors!
o 50+ challenges!
o Classic NES-style controls!
o A pounding Chiptune-inspired soundtrack!
o Special Chiptune guest star Anamanaguchi!
o New friends for CommanderVideo!

  • BIT.TRIP FATE is the penultimate chapter in the six-part BIT.TRIP series and will leave you wondering what’s next.

o Collect power-ups to call on CommanderVideo’s friends for powerful shot upgrades!
o A chiptune-inspired dubstep soundtrack helps bring the action to a whole new level!
o Video game worlds collide with appearances from Super Meat Boy and Mr. Robotube!
o Chipmusic artist Minusbaby helps set the tone with a special guest appearance!

  • The BIT.TRIP series comes full-circle with BIT.TRIP FLUX: CommanderVideo's final adventure.

o New power-ups including the full screen paddle!
o New beat types including Avoid Blobs!
o Mid-level checkpoints!
o Classic BIT.TRIP BEAT gameplay now with all the modes including the new Meta Mode!
o Bit Shifter returns as the Chiptune guest star!

BIT.TRIP COMPLETE and BIT.TRIP SAGA have been rated “E” for Everyone with Mild Fantasy Violence by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB). More information about Aksys Games and the BIT.TRIP seriescan be found at and

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Wheels2050 said:

Looks like an excellent package - I'll look forward to grabbing it when it comes out!



2-D said:

Is this going to be a full priced game or more in the £20 region?



jkshaz said:

I am definitely looking forward to this one. However, the price may determine how long I stew over whether I should buy it or not. Anybody seen anything on the retail price?



bezerker99 said:

Looks like I'll be getting this and Saga this September. Can't...friggin....wait!!!!



Splat said:

This is awesome. I was expecting only the 3DS to get some love since that is all Nintendo cares about any more.



LucinaSmash said:

so this is what it feels like when the next Super Smash Bros games arrive.
SSBC (Complete) and SSBS (Saga) on the same day!



wanderlustwarrior said:

Commander Video could kick Mr. Game & Watch's ass.

I'm looking forward to all these extras, especially the difficulty levels and music.



Mange said:

If it reads my old savefiles I might consider getting this when it enters the bargain bin.



Colors said:

@mange It won't. There really isn't a way to transfer the same WiiWare games to each of the games on the disc.



ATallOne said:

I wish I didn't own 4/6 of them on Wiiware. =( I really want it, but I don't feel like paying for the same 4 games again...I might do it when it goes down in price.



WiiLovePeace said:

I'll probably pick this up even though I already have all 6 already, if only because all those extras are really tempting



NeoShinobi said:

Oh hell yes. I knew holding off on buying the WiiWare games would eventually pay off.



Matillion said:

I'd rather get this version than the 3DS version now.
If the 3DS version had the same amount of content and stuff,
I'd get that version, since I think that I'll prefer playing a game like this
on a handheld.

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