Originally announced for the DS, Egypt: Engineering an Empire will now be launching on two different platforms.

Based on a documentary from The History Channel of the same name, Egypt: Engineering an Empire is a turn-based strategy game from Bloober Team and is already available on iOS devices, PC and the PSP Mini range with releases on WiiWare and DSiWare also planned.

Players will build their own empires from scratch and must manage different aspects that are integral to being an empire leader, such as the handling of the economy, army developments, war and diplomacy, and the expansion of territories. Empires are controlled via three different modes: the campaign map shows the game world in its entirety, making objects like mountains, armies, forests, cities, coastlines, oceans and rivers visible; the city map provides an overview of a city within an empire; and the battle map is used in turn-based combat situations.

Take a look at the game features that are listed on Bloober Team's gamepage but remember that the features on the WiiWare and/or DSiWare versions might not necessarily be identical to those available on existing versions of the game. When we hear more about these upcoming releases, you'll read about them here.

[via blooberteam.com]