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Egypt: Engineering an Empire Taking Over WiiWare and DSiWare

Posted by Trevor Chan

Two more strategy games headed to Nintendo's digital stores

Originally announced for the DS, Egypt: Engineering an Empire will now be launching on two different platforms.

Based on a documentary from The History Channel of the same name, Egypt: Engineering an Empire is a turn-based strategy game from Bloober Team and is already available on iOS devices, PC and the PSP Mini range with releases on WiiWare and DSiWare also planned.

Players will build their own empires from scratch and must manage different aspects that are integral to being an empire leader, such as the handling of the economy, army developments, war and diplomacy, and the expansion of territories. Empires are controlled via three different modes: the campaign map shows the game world in its entirety, making objects like mountains, armies, forests, cities, coastlines, oceans and rivers visible; the city map provides an overview of a city within an empire; and the battle map is used in turn-based combat situations.

Take a look at the game features that are listed on Bloober Team's gamepage but remember that the features on the WiiWare and/or DSiWare versions might not necessarily be identical to those available on existing versions of the game. When we hear more about these upcoming releases, you'll read about them here.


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Skotski said:

Seriously there needs to be more RTS games for the Wii and DS.
The controls are perfect for them, yet the 360 tends to have more of them with its somewhat clunky controls! It hardly makes sense to me.



FonistofCruxis said:

Any news on last flight? Why is it taking so long? It was one of the first wiiware games announced!



accc said:

I remember playing an Egyptian sim game for the PC called "Pharaoh" way back in like 1998. I wonder if this was inspired by that game? I don't really remember anything about it though, other than the song that played during gameplay was really catchy.



Bankai said:

I have the PSP and iPad versions of this game (and have reviewed both), and it's a worthwhile game - think of it as a "Civilization lite mixed with Heroes of Might and Magic" game.

I would recommend the DSiWare version - this type of game is better for gaming on the go.



Spoony_Tech said:

I agree waltzelf. I like take my game with me where ever I go. I never got into civilization because it was just to much to do but if this is a lite version then I will definitely look in to picking this up.



Vinsanity said:

This special is on Netflix. I dig it. Have no idea about the game though. "History Channel" doesn't exactly strike me as a bastion of quality gaming. Nor does DSiware. Not expecting a ton here.

@WaltzElf: Well, at least it's encouraging to hear someone say it's okay. Still wanna wait for some heavier coverage before getting my hopes up tho;)



Bankai said:

@Vinsanity: when I reviewed the game on iPad, I gave it 3.5/5. A short quote from the review:

"It's all quite standard, and it's true that Engineering an Empire doesn't break a great deal of new ground. What it does do remarkably well is tune down the more complex elements of these simulation-style games into an easy to play, put down, and come back to formula. It worked on the Minis service, and the iPhone, and it works here."



Omega said:

I'm not really a fan of this genre and I doubt this game will convert me. The last Sim that I've played was "Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King" and I found that boring as hell.



freakpower70 said:

I was just playing the demo, if they do a good job at putting it on the dsi I am there. And Omega, it isn't a sim game.



Omega said:

^ Okay, my fault. FFCCMLAAK isn't a sim game either. They're both strategy games. Right? I confuse these two genres all the time.

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