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Discover Nintendo's 3D Legacy with Our Virtual Boy Coverage

Posted by James Newton

3DS's granddaddy featured

You might be getting all geared-up for the new 3DS, but it's not the first dedicated 3D console from Nintendo: that honour belongs to the good old Virtual Boy, the now notorious machine that launched in the mid 1990s. Now is the perfect time, with 3DS just around the corner, to revisit the machine's creation, games and its legacy.

The development of the machine was filled with plenty of hardships, as you can read in our Feature: The Making of the Virtual Boy. GameBoy creator Gunpei Yokoi was the man behind the 3D system, but it sold just 800,000 units, and its failure accelerated his departure from Nintendo. The full feature is a welcome insight into one of Nintendo's rare hardware failures.

Aside from that, we have a complete list of Virtual Boy reviews, with all 22 games rated and ranked. From the superb Virtual Boy Wario Land to the truly dire Waterworld and everything in between, we have verdicts on all Virtual Boy software.

If all this 3D fever gets you itching to splash out on a Virtual Boy, see if this stupendously rare complete Virtual Boy collection tickles your fancy, a snip at just over $8,000. Perhaps if you ask nicely, you may even see Virtual Boy games on 3DS thanks to the wonders of Virtual Console.

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Morpheel said:

more like "3DS weird granddaddy he would rather not talk about but he really loves on the inside".



LittleIrves said:

All those interested in Virtual Boy, look out for Kill Screen #4, a fantastic new journal on games and gaming culture, coming in a few months.
Also: Just played Wario Land VB for the first time. Whoa! Cool. Especially interesting since the guys at Retro talked about it as an influence on DKC Returns during their GDC panel.



sykotek said:

I have one and I think its awesome! I still remember some guy on youtube raising money to get a Wii by proposing to destroy his VB, grr..., they're endangered!

I have:
Jack Bros, 3D Tetris, Mario Clash, Vertical Force, Galactic Pinball, Panic Bomber, Mario Tennis, Red Alarm and Wario Land!

...hmm...maybe I should get Teleroboxer...



Tasuki said:

I have one of those in my storage unit. Perhaps I will pull it out one day. The only games I had on it was Mario Clash, Warioland, Mario Tennis, Red Alarm, and a Boxing game. I though it was decent enough system the only reason it was a flop was because Nintendo rushed it out so they could focus more on the N64. I think a little bit of more time in the development stage and it would still be around today.

And I might be wrong but I dont think the failure of the Virtual Boy lead to Gunpei Yokoi quick departure from Nintendo. From what I have read he was wanting to retire for awhile but he was just staying on board till the Virtual Boy was released.



jaguarman said:

I have this console with 18 games,its my fave one the wario land is best 2D game for me,and about waterword has the best music main and in game theme ,its truly unique



DarkEdi said:

I have 11 games. All the games i could find here in Mexico. Sadly a friend stole me 2 games but i hope buy them soon (here in markets are a lot of old and cheap games)



motang said:

I remember playing the heck out the VB at my local BlockBuster video store. I also remember getting an headache.



StuffyStuff said:

I wanted one of these so bad when they came out. The advertisements were so flashy and explosive, I just had to have it. Never did get one. It's probably for the best.



StarDust4Ever said:

I spent about five minutes on a Virtual Boy when I was in High School. I was playing Wario Land. Seriously, they should remake the game for the 3DS, like they did with the old Kirby's and Sonics and Marios on GBA/DS.



JoeDiddley said:

^ I agree. I would love to see games like Wario Land remastered as part of the 3D Classics Virtual Console.



Rensch said:

On Virtual Console it might just work without giving you seizures. At least the Wario game could be released be it as a VC game or a 3DSWare remake.



nick_gc said:

I bought one of these on eBay once. Unfortunately the left eye didn't work so I had to send it back. Shame.



James said:

I played one a few months ago. I really enjoyed it. I would never buy one.

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