Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date

Virtual Boy

  • US 21st Dec 1995
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  • Review Waterworld (Virtual Boy)

    Surely it can't be as bad as they say...

    A lot of negative stuff is written about the Virtual Boy, but whilst it has its defenders no one seems to want to stick up for Waterworld. It has a bad reputation, with some claiming it’s the worst game ever (and not just on the Virtual Boy). But is that fair? Is it really that bad? Or are people just...

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About The Game

Waterworld for Virtual Boy was released in December 1995 in North America by Ocean Software.

The game was focused around the main character's outrigger boat, which you moved around a 3-D world, shooting enemies on personal water crafts called Smokers. It is a form of shoot 'em up (the 3D Shoot 'em up variety), similar to that of the All-Range Mode in Star Fox 64.

The point of the game is to keep the Smokers from grabbing Atollers (inhabitants of Atoll) placed around the playing field. Keeping them from being captured requires you to shoot the smokers using the L and R buttons on the Virtual Boy's controller while moving around with either of the two directional pads.