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Nintendogs Nearly Went for a Wii in Your Living Room

Posted by James Newton

But went outside instead

DS mega-hit Nintendogs has sold millions of copies worldwide, shifting more DS units than you can shake a stick at, so the revelation that series creator Shigeru Miyamoto considered bringing the series to Wii shouldn't really be a surprise.

The latest Iwata Asks finds Miyamoto and colleague Hideki Konno discussing the abandoned attempt to transport the cute creatures over to Wii, with the main stumbling block being the lack the DS's technical features.

Konno: Yes. We actually considered it for the Wii system. But it doesn't have a microphone, so you couldn't talk to your dog.
Iwata: Oh! So if the Wii Remote controller had a mic, there might have been a Wii version of Nintendogs?
Konno: Yeah. We might have moved forward with it.
Miyamoto: But there's a distance between the Wii Remote and the television, so it might not have felt like you were petting your dog.

Of course, the titular pets made their way into a couple of Nintendo titles on Wii, appearing as a minigame in WarioWare: Smooth Moves and a huge distraction in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but there was no dedicated pet simulator for Wii from Miyamoto.

Nintendogs + Cats is advancing the series with the addition of felines, but they're not the only animals Nintendo thought of adding to the mix: dolphins and horses were discussed at one point as new titles, but again fell foul at the planning stages.

You'll be able to get your fix of cute pets soon, as Nintendogs + Cats is one of the 3DS European launch games available on March 25th.


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Raylax said:

Nintendogs and dolphins/horses? Wow, try to keep it at least vaguely non-stereotypically 'girly', Nintendo.



wes008 said:

Nintendo... Just bundle it with the Wiispeak that you never use anyway... And make people stand 1ft in front of their television sets...



irken004 said:

Using the Wiispeak would have been a great idea. Oh well, having it on a handheld is a good idea too.



Hardy83 said:

They were going to make a Nintendogs Wii with Wii Speak support, but then they remembered they don't support their own peripherals 6 months after their released. lol



Ecto-1 said:

Great title, guys! This could have been intesting, but like they said, the three feet between the user and the TV probably would have shattered the illusion. Nintendogs is probably best suited for handhelds.



Ravage said:

I want to ride my pet dolphin into battle. Then we could go scuba diving together at sunset after we've won. I could take it on romantic walks through the ocean in between battles!



premko said:

Mr Iwata - please, allow your emploees to make Ninspiders and Nintesnakes...



TingLz said:

@Hardy: Question is could you implement that peripheral into the game itself rather than talking to other players



Raylax said:

@6: If you could ride your pet horse into battle, I highly doubt I'd be playing Nintenpets.



X-145 said:

I'd like to ride Nintenspidermonkeis into battle. BANANA SWORD!


The picture of the Nintendog is from super smash bros brawl. Its on the fire emblem stage. Look in the background. You can also see Kirby in mid flight over the dog's right shoulder!



KaiserGX said:

Dolphins and horses are girly now? What am I going to tell the Texans back home. I'm sure though all the little girls ask for a Dolphin on Christmas.



moosa said:

There was a lot more, cooler information than this in that interview. Highly suggest you read it (as with any Iwata Asks, really).



ZukutoBen said:

Good point Mixeygoat. Why not use the Wii speak from Animal crossing lets go to the city? If not why not make something like the micro phone from we sing but sits on your tv like the Wii speak. Make it a bundle.

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