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If You're Down Under, Nab an Agent Ford Statue with Conduit 2

Posted by James Newton

Limited edition goodies inside

We brought you new Conduit 2 screenshots yesterday, as well as details of the multiplayer modes, and if they put you in a pre-ordering frame of mind – and you live in Australia or New Zealand – you might want to check out the game's Limited Edition.

Pre-order the Limited Edition from GAME, JB HiFi or EB Games and you'll get a pretty mighty-looking figurine of Agent Ford in addition to the other content: a 44-page art book and unlockable in-game armour and All-Seeing Eye enhancement.

This figurine will not be available outside New Zealand or Australia, so European and American collectors may want to start making enquiries with their favourite importers soon.


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Aviator said:

Actually, its only going to set you back $79AU, which is $79US

A new release first party title is $99.95AU.



taffy said:


Be sensible with your language, please - Mod Team



sykotek said:

Man, you Aussies get all the coolest stuff... marsupials, vegemite, that awesome special version of Left 4 Dead... and now this! ...its so unfair.



Aviator said:

@taffy /me sits back on his beach chair while kangaroo's drive everyone around and koala's serve me drinks



RedYoshi999 said:

I'm not even getting this game but this impresses me. And it costs no more than a new release game would! I wonder why they picked us to have it. But I don't want to hear you Americans complain, I'd much rather pay your $250 price for a 3DS than have this.



Chris720 said:

I just looked at the box and I see "Wi-Fi Compatible" not "Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection". And Black Ops has the same "Wi-Fi Compatible", could this mean Conduit 2 will be working with its own servers? :O

But nice figurine... but if I got it, it would just be collecting dust. :P



Vinsanity said:

Agent Ford's fancy robot suit is pretty . Reminds me of the ARS suit from another SEGA game, Vanquish.

Conduit 2 looks like a massive improvement over the first one. I love seeing the better lighting and the more pronounced normal mapping on characters. As well as more (and bigger) aliens, and cooler/more imaginative guns (like the Swarm cannon). I'm genuinely excited for it now. Enjoy the figurine, Aussies.



V8_Ninja said:

Are they really expecting Australian customers to ignore the average inflated price and go for the (probably) extremely expensive collector's edition? I'm sorry, but that's pretty close to having insane thoughts.



HipsterDashie said:

At least I can import and play it with no problems. For once, a good reason to live in a PAL region. :)



Alfred_ENG said:

I bet by 19th of April America will have this or something better. Wait and see i will be right. America is SEGA's biggest market. AU/NZ is the smallest. It's not a important marketplace. The population is tiny.

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