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Flipper Sequel Gets a Publisher, Aims for Q2 Release

Posted by Trevor Chan

Goodbye Galaxy Games teams up with Engine Software

Back in October, we brought you the exclusive news that a Flipper sequel was in the works, and now Goodbye Galaxy Games has announced that it has signed a contract with publisher Engine Software, making the arrival of Flipper 2 that much closer.

Aside from publishing duties, Engine Software will also be helping out in the sound design of the game, and the partnership is one that Goodbye Galaxy Games founder, Hugo Smits, is very proud of. Speaking on the developer's official blog, Smits says:

Engine Software has a massive amount of experience on this platform and a long lasting relationship with Nintendo. This was the major reason behind my decision to sign with them and I am delighted that they also offered to help out with development where they can.

There is currently no scheduled release date for Flipper 2 as the publisher doesn't want to rush the game out, instead, opting to release it when it's ready. Saying that, Engine Software expects it to launch in the second quarter of 2011. If you're not familiar with the original Flipper, be sure to read our review of it, and tell us what you think of the one-button mechanic that will feature in the upcoming sequel.


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Corbs said:

Please let this game come soon! Can't wait to see how it plays with that one-button mechanic! Bring it on!



Energy686 said:

i it gonna stick to the original gameplay or is this gonna be a whole new concept?



Odnetnin said:

Totally different. Some sort of 2D action game, I think.

Looking at Engine Software's track record, I'm betting Flipper 2 will be their best game yet.



HugoSmits said:


Yes, I hope this will be Engine's and my best game


I'm going to try hard not to make you forget it again, from now on I will post weekly blog post that are going to reveal new info & screens!

Trailer is coming, but probably within a month or so. Before that you have to do it with new screens

DEAR READERS: please start saving your points. I know there are a lot of lousy DSiWare titles coming out the last few weeks, and I know alot of you want to spend their last points before 3DS hits.

Please wait till Flipper 2 is out; because it's going to be a rich product. With lots of animations,sounds and levels. So if you want to spend your last points, you might as well do it on a product that's really packed with love!



EdEN said:

@HugoSmits: So, how many points do I have to save for Flipper 2? I'll be getting the 3DS until December 2011-June 2012 so you have my attention so far.



Odnetnin said:

@Hugo If you top the original Flipper, that means you have the best game on the service, easily (aside from Jason Rohrer 'cause it's a work of art, not a game, and Cave Story 'cause it's transcendental). Also, weekly blog posts? Awesome.

I have 600 points left, and with the 3DS just around the corner, I don't plan on buying anymore. I guess I'll save 500 for F2 (if it is that price), and just leave 100 on there unused forever, lol.

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