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Nintendo Download: 29th October 2010 (Europe)

Posted by James Newton

Fishing, lasers, chicks, sleep and more

God bless the Nintendo download for bringing us another bounty of bizarre treats. If there isn't anything that tickles your fancy this week, we'd be very surprised.


Reel Fishing Challenge II (Natsume, 500pts) – The follow-up to – you guessed it – Reel Fishing Challenge, this is a virtual recreation of the world's most popular participation sport. It's been out in North America for a while, so reel in our Reel Fishing Challenge II review and avoid the game.

chick chick BOOM (tons of bits, 800pts) – This slick-looking cross between strategy and puzzle looks intriguing, with helpful objects and attacks including sumo chicks, corncobs and piñatas. We'll set the timer and look to bring you a full review shortly.

Virtual Console

SUPER E.D.F. Earth Defense Force (Jaleco, Super NES, 800pts) – Classic 2D blasting action from the 16-bit days, the main twist in this game is the ability for your ship to learn new attacks rather than pick up items and enhancements. Our pilots are on a reconnaissance mission to discover the truth behind the game, so we'll have a full review soon.


Sleep Clock: Record and Analyse Your Sleep Patterns (Nintendo, 200pts) – Having trouble sleeping? Then this could be the application for you! Sleep Clock lets you keep a diary of your sleeping patterns, as well as functioning as a regular alarm clock including the ability to play custom sounds from your DSi's memory. It also features renowned ovine sleep expert Mr Sheep, if that sways you. We'll track our slumber schedule and bring you a review next week.

Go! Go! Island Rescue! (Connect2Media, 500pts) – A puzzle adventure game where you must rescue the hapless Darwins using all your wits and bravery. Just released in North America, we'll have a full review soon.

GO Series: Let's Swing! (Gamebridge, 200pts) – The cheap and mostly cheerful GO Series continues with a variation on gymnastics, believe it or not. The series' pared-down graphical style is still very much in evidence here, but if the addictive gameplay of previous releases is present too then it's all right with us. We'll take it for a spin and bring you a review soon.

A host of new games are coming to the Wii Shop Channel and Nintendo DSi Shop this Friday

Anyone checking out the Wii Shop Channel this week will be greeted with an array of new games to enjoy. Fans of the watery world of fishing will be pleased to see that Real Fishing is back with Reel Fishing® Challenge II on WiiWare. The surrealist chick chick BOOM is also sure to ruffle a few feathers, as you can now challenge or play with your friends in a pink elephant throwing contest, also on WiiWare this week.

The latest addition to Virtual Console is the timeless SUPER E.D.F. Earth Defense Force. Many will remember this as one of the most classic shooters of all time.

The Nintendo DSi Shop is also full of surprises this week, as three new gems have been added. All fears of a bad nights sleep will be squashed if you download Sleep Clock: Record and analyse your sleep patterns, allowing you to not only wake up promptly to an alarm clock, but improve your sense of well-being by recording and analysing your sleeping patterns. While you’re there, also check out Go! Go! Island Rescue! and save the hapless Darwins from the worst holiday ever or put your gymnastic skills to the test in GO Series: Let’s Swing.

WiiWare - Reel Fishing® Challenge II
(Natsume Inc., 500 Wii Points)
Reel Fishing is back. This sequel to the smash-hit fishing game takes you to a pristine new freshwater environment teeming with fish that look and move just like the real thing. You'll be taking these wily lunkers on with a huge variety of lures and refined controls that provide the most natural and realistic fishing action yet. And you'll need every advantage you can get, as Reel Fishing Challenge II's 30 varied missions will put your angling abilities to the ultimate test. It's a stunning, true-to-life fishing experience that'll have you hooked.

This title supports English, French and German languages in game.

WiiWare - chick chick BOOM
(tons of bits, 800 Wii Points)
With five chicks on your side and five chicks on the other, you’ll be sure to be entertained in chick chick BOOM.

You are tasked with beating the opposing chick team in a game where you have pianos, pink elephants, Sumo chicks, slimy giant jellyfish and real UFOs at your disposal.

Draw lines in the arena to defend against your opponent's attacks - the skill lies in your use of ink, creativity and timing. Be sure to also look out for the extra help from a corncob and a piñata.

Play the three arenas on your own or team up with your friends, alternatively put out a challenge and play them in opposition. To keep things interesting there are various game modes and arenas, each with their own special attack. Your best scores will be saved, so you can come back time and time again to try and beat your previous scores.

Virtual Console - SUPER E.D.F. Earth Defense Force
(JALECO, Super Nintendo, 800 Wii Points)
The year is 20XX. An armada of the alien Azyma Empire has descended upon Earth to destroy it. The Earth's only hope lies in its newest combat spaceship, "XA-1", with its revolutionary ability to learn and develop itself through combat, without requiring any special items.

The ship is outfitted with a wide range of devastating weapons, along with two detachable satellites to protect and support you. Take the ship out and destroy the Azyma invaders.

Nintendo DSiWare - Sleep Clock: Record and analyse your sleep patterns
(Nintendo, 200 Nintendo Points)
Sleep Clock is not just an alarm clock: you can use it to record and analyse your sleeping patterns, which helps you to manage your sense of well-being.

Simply start the timer when you go to bed, and put your Nintendo DSi into Sleep Mode by closing it. Upon waking, you will be asked how you feel; did you have a refreshing night's sleep, or did you toss and turn? Your answers and the times you went to sleep and woke up will be plotted on daily, weekly and monthly graphs, allowing you to closely monitor your sleep time and quality. Mr Sheep, renowned ovine sleep expert, is also on hand to offer advice and comments about your sleep activity.

Set up to three different alarm times, with a choice between built-in alarm sounds or custom sounds recorded in Nintendo DSi Sound. You can also have the Nintendo DSi speak the time when the alarm sounds. And of course, no alarm clock would be complete without a snooze function for those 'just five more minutes' mornings!

Nintendo DSiWare - Go! Go! Island Rescue!
(Connect2Media, 500 Nintendo Points)
This is the holiday from hell - hotels are collapsing, the robot waiters are going berserk, and the picturesque volcanoes are exploding. You’ll be lucky to make it out alive, never mind the suntan.

It is time to scramble the Rescue Squad.

You take control of a squad of brave fire fighters who have to save the hapless Darwins from all manner of disasters including fire, floods and rampaging robots. To do this you literally ‘throw’ the Darwins around the levels until they reach a fire exit. Luckily the Darwin babies bounce and so don’t worry too much if you drop some of them. And remember you can always rewind time in case of any fatal accidents.

With over 50 levels of unique, laugh out loud, gameplay, spread across four colourful zones, Panic rooms and Bonus levels, Go! Go! Island Rescue! will have you hooked for hours.

Nintendo DSiWare - GO Series: Let’s Swing
(Gamebridge, 200 Nintendo Points)
GO Series presents Let's Swing from Suzak. Swing from bar to bar in this unique twist on the gymnastic sport "High Bar".

Make your way from start to finish across a room by only swinging from bar to bar. As the distance between the bars increases both horizontally and vertically you'll need to build up more and more speed before leaping. Collect as many items on the way for bonus points.

The game is in English, but the game manual comes in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

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User Comments (26)



Omega said:

Nothing interesting for WiiWare for me. The chicken game looks like a dull standard flash game from which you can have hundreds for free on the internet.

When are the supposed good games coming? Like Super Meat Boy, Night Sky, Cave Story. They are forever in the "coming soon" list but never released.



Yasume said:

Where's FATE? It was supposed to come out in October according to Nintendo's release schedule.



MysticX said:

Yay, another week, another batch of dippy puzzlers and a sleep...timer...thing, or something, what's keeping the games that are actually worth the points? The non-existent translation?



Terra said:

I have sleeping trouble frequently so that Sleep Clock app could actually be rather useful to me. Well, I'll find out soon enough



invmat said:

What the F***? Nintendo of Europe rarely pushes release dates back. Where is Fate?



Ristar42 said:

Another week, another skip. How about some more VC arcade support, specifically - how about releasing Super Hang On..?



edhe said:

Well one thing's for sure - If we are to get FATE next week, we probably won't be getting Cave Story or Shantae with it.

NOE usually trys to keep to one decent game a week, lest we get too excited.



Brainhost said:

And we wouldn't want to get too excited over good games, would we now. God forbid we'd actually be excited!



StarBoy91 said:

Nice to know that Super Earth Defense Force has come to the European VC. Played this game at my relative's house a lot when I was little. This might be the first time that Europe has ever got a chance to play this game, though I could be wrong.



WolfRamHeart said:

I'm kind of glad that Europe got chick chick BOOM before the US. Now I can check out the NL review before I buy it. I just hope that it turns out to be good.



Sneaker13 said:

Super E.D.F. looks nice. need a review for chick chick BOOM though. The game look so familiar, but no clue why.



CanisWolfred said:

I hate you guys so very, very, much. Even if it isn't a "Holloweeny" release, at least you get something that any self-respecting fan of the Shooter genre should snap up on day one!D=< In fact, I'm insulted by the posts I'm reading here. Some people just don't know a good thing when they got it. FATE, SHMATE, Earth Defense Force is where it's at, man!



MysticX said:

@Mickeymac: I'm not a fan of the shooter genre, am i now excused for being utterly underwhelmed by the downloadables this week?



FonistofCruxis said:

@mickeymac I agree, there should've been at least one 'halloweeny' release. I was hoping that last flight would finally come out.
Although I complained about bit. trip fate I did say that I thoght super EDF looked good. I'll probably pick that up at some point and GO series: let's swing looks good too but it's part of the G.G. series so I may wait and see if the collection comes to eu.



StarBoy91 said:

If anyone can get past that fourth stage boss, then I salute you, 'cause I still need to do so.
Something tells me I'm one of the very few users here that is familiar with this game.

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