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GoldenEye Maps Trailer Shows Where We'll be Spraying Our Bullets

Posted by Trevor Chan

Which one will you dominate in?

There's been a steady stream of GoldenEye trailers coming our way as we close in on its Nov. 2 launch in North America, and Activision has released another in the form of a maps vignette. So let's take a quick look at their names as a few will undoubtedly sound very familiar indeed.

The video is short but sweet as glimpses of Archives, Facility, Nightclub, Jungle, Docks, Outpost, Industrial, Sewer, Memorial, and Station are shown. Shots of the split-screen multiplayer are sure to get old and new fans hyped for the offline and online mayhem.

GoldenEye Maps Vignette:

In case you missed it, here's the previous vignette that was released that showcases the various modes and modifiers within the multiplayer. Game mods can be combined, and with all the possible combinations over 200 variants can be created.

GoldenEye Modes and Mods Vignette:

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vbmetroid said:

@2 we all want that its built on the cod4 engine and judgeing from that lag wont occur (badly)



MeloMan said:

Agreed Robo-goose. Funny thing is Brawl was practically the first Wii online game and it shows cause its lag was terrible, but fortunately, since then, I haven't known too many online games to have that level of terrible lag, so I think GE is good to go on that... if not, it will instantly get crushed under Conduit's and CoD's online weight right quick.



The_Fox said:

Not bad...expect for the sewer map. I know nothing about it and I'm still convinced that map will be terrible.



Oregano said:

@5: You could say it will be crap.

Also this isn't built on the COD engine, it's built on Eurocom's in-house engine - the same one that powered Dead Space: Extraction.

Looks awesome anyway.



Shiryu said:

Wouldn't be Goldeneye without "Facility"*!

*aka "Felicity" in Perfect Dark to avoid copyright issues... honest!



Kid_A said:

Pft. I'm going to dominate in all of them!
This continues to look awesome. And, if that video showed us anything, it's that the same awesome death sound effects are being used. Wonderful news.



Radbot42 said:

i have to say whoever was playing the game for the video sucked

edit: oh and i would want to combine paintball and melee just to see what would happen



jer18 said:

Ah, woot.I thought I read an article here that it was going to be wiiware. This is better! How come to article says Nov2, but game overview says TBA?



greenellow said:

still, the only reason i'm getting this is for that wonderous golden classic controller



HipsterDashie said:


It's going to look worse in split screen multiplayer because the Wii's having to render up to four different screens at once.

Also, the people playing for this reel really suck. XD



ChristopherM said:

Am I the only one worried that this video looks like a 4:3 image stretched out to 16:9? Does anybody know if the game will support anamorphic widescreen?



Marvelousmoo said:

So there's going to be 16 screens? The video shows four screens already, so its not going to look any worse than that. In fact, the graphics of having just one player on is incredibly good for the Wii; it just doesn't look quite as good with four screens. If you aren't going to play it just because of the graphics, well, its your loss.



Oregano said:


All that footage is from splitscreen multiplayer, not four lots of one player. The game will look inherently worse in splitscreen because the screen is being renders at a lower resolution. So in four player splitscreen instead of having 640x480 for each screen you have 320X240(which is the same as the 3DS' bottom screen).



Ravage said:

That can`t be it?! Where is Facility? Complex? Temple? What is going on?!



Nintendoftw said:

WTh aren't they covering the DS version? I have a feelings this game will suck only because they made a shovelware DS version as a cash in.



JimLad said:

I'm worried the multiplayer won't be as good as TimeSplitters.
Considering you can play TS2&3 in GameCube format on the Wii, I'm at least expecting there to be some improvements over it in the offline mode.



Capt_N said:

Due to poor economy, this is gonna duke it out w/ others, for top game to get, or ask for Christmas.

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