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Play with Augmented Reality with 3DS Pack-In Cards

Posted by James Newton

Six special cards to enjoy AR

Whilst PlayStation Move and Xbox Kinect press on with augmented reality games, Nintendo has a few tricks up its sleeve as well, bringing the genre to 3DS with six specially created cards to interact with 3DS's built-in software.

If you're not sure what augmented reality is, it's a type of gaming that uses a camera to show your surroundings, then uses graphical technology to add in elements so it looks as though the two worlds have merged. By reading specially designed cards, games can create new objects for users to interact with: PS3 owners have experienced with this Eye of Judgement or EyePet, for example.

With the 3DS, Nintendo is ready to acknowledge augmented reality by including pre-installed AR titles on the machine, as well as packing in six special paper cards that will interact with the games. Using the 3DS's outward-facing camera, the machine will be able to 'read' the cards to draw new items in the game world.

Although none of the AR titles have been confirmed yet, the fact Nintendo is packing such titles into its machine indicates it's ready to acknowledge it as an important gaming genre.

What augmented reality titles would you like to see on 3DS?

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Raylax said:

It looks cool, but I get the feeling that the cards probably won't make it out of Japan, or at least not very successfully/well-supported if they do.



GamesX99 said:

making the floor lava so when i go to an hotel i can feel like a kid again!



Sylverstone said:

It's a pack-in game and I do want it to come stateside but the cards are the problem. Are you able to get more, and where do you get them from if you happen to lose one?



BlueBandanaJake said:

I'd always wanted them to make a game like this that was compatible with YuGiOh cards back when I played it. If they did that now it wouldnt be enough to get me back into the game, but maybe just dig up the old deck.



James said:

@sylverstone Previous games have let you print them out yourself, but I can imagine Nintendo packing them with Club Nintendo registration cards and so on.



ToneDeath said:

Maybe the more generous publishers could include their own cards in the boxes of their games as a bonus.



TKOWL said:

I don't care what they do, as long as it's free, it's all mine



SuperMarioFan96 said:

So that's what that card thing in the video of the previous news story was. Not sure exactly how great it will be, but if it's packed in with the machine anyway I'm all for it.

$250 doesn't sound so bad anymore.



Kevin said:

Its funny, once I saw AR I immediately thought Action Replay games were coming which would be really weird but we'll see how these work in the future.



Rensch said:

Freaking AR POKEMON!!! That's what I'd love to see. It would be awesome to discover there's actually a Snorlax hiding in your backyard.



SMW said:

Its the E-Reader all over again. Atleast this time its built-in.



SilverBaretta said:

Looking at the advertisement that shows these off, I have to say these actually look pretty cool! I was also reminded of System Flaw Recruit.....



Token_Girl said:

No problem with augmented reality, but I can't see myself playing the games from the trailer with the cards much, if any. I'd rather they skip the pack-in and give us 1000 3DS points (or just shave a bit off the price). It's cool that the 3DS will be able to do these types of games though.



Robo-goose said:

Sounds like good advertising: You can scan your dog! Scan your cat! Scan your grandma! Scan your sister! But why stop there? Scan your soup! Scan your tree house! Scan your dinner! Scan your wife! Scan your pool! Scan your car! You can even scan yourself!



LuWiiGi said:

Oh man, this looks cool. 3DS is gonna be ten times better than both Kinect and Move, no doubt in my mind.



Iggy said:

I was wondering if what i saw on tha video was true. That really blew my mind seeing that. Just a piece of paper turning into something crazy is just plain awesome i cant wait to see it with my own two eyes. Im liking the 3DS even more i like how there giving u sweet features they did it with the DSi with the picture and sound editor was a cool touch but was only cool the first day.



PSICOffee said:

Man this better not fail like the E-Reader. That thing was awesome and we never did get the rest of those Super Mario Advance 4 cards that Japan got with the extra levels and switches and boomerang and whatnot!

But the cost of things and how the cards are packaged might make this work.



childofacid said:

This would be nice if this was around when Pokemon playing cards was all the rage when I was younger.



triforceofcourage said:

good thing this is included. it helps justify the $300 price tag

also nobody answered the question! i would like to see a game simller to links crossbow training with this where you place cards around the room and shoot them from one spot. or this could even work like attaching the card to another 3DS and yours with a freind for a two person shooter! i can see this working well for more creative gaming.



xAlias said:

This (AR, not cards) would be useful for Pokemon-style games. You could use the augmented reality to interact with creatures around you while playing in the park, at home, etc. The game would have an in-game map system that tells the computer where you can catch certain monsters, enter dungeons. And for each "big" landmark you can go on a special quest that often gives you opportunities to catch legendary monsters.



mjc0961 said:

Eh, this doesn't really interest me. Nobody ever seems to use it outside of kid's games and party games.

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