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New Ace Attorney Investigations Title Outed by Famitsu

Posted by James Newton

Miles Edgeworth returns!

The Ace Attorney series has a proud and well-regarded heritage on DS – less so on WiiWare – with this year's Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth another excellent entry in the series. Now Japanese über-mag Famitsu has outed a second instalment in the Investigations series and Edgeworth looks set to feature again.

Although the initial scan is blurrier than a Dick Gumshoe testimony, it certainly shows Edgeworth, several side-on sections and a logo with a big number 2 next to it. Our detective skills may not be quite up there with Edgeworth's, but we'd have to say all the signs point to this one being "Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth 2". Case closed.


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Big_A2 said:

I dunno about this one. The first Investigations game left me a little underwhelmed.



Sabrewing said:

You know what Ace Attorney character needs their own game? Ema Skye. I want to do more forms of forensics, dammit!



SuperPeach said:

Yay! I have to agree though, the first one just didn't have the same amount of awsomeness the main series had, I liked it but I want intense courtroom battles again.



Yasume said:

Awesome, Miles Edgeworth was an excellent game, although I can't help but feel that I'd rather have a new Phoenix Wright/Apollo Justice game.



jackaroo said:

I havent played the original yet. I own it but have only just beaten apollo justice. Im just taking a short break and then I will begin the first investigations but without even playing that one im already excited.



HolyMackerel said:

Agreed with Sabrewing. Ace Attorney Investigations: Ema Skye would be more appropriate and more interesting. Imagine, you'd get to play as a female, with access to forensic tools for crime scene analysis. And we'd have her sarcastic, misanthropic wit all over the place. Maybe even have poor Apollo as her sidekick or something.



Taya said:

Yay! I liked Investigations although it's not as good as the main series.



Objection said:

Ah damn. An Ace Attorney game is always welcome but this is the sequel I didn't want.



Bass_X0 said:

I'll be looking forward to this. I was hoping they would make one. Release day purchase. I quite enjoyed the first Investigations game even though it wasn't without its faults (mainly due to the developers trying to lengthen the game beyond the realms of what makes for a good story).



JayArr said:

I'm just happy they announced another Ace Attorney game so soon. Ghost Trick made me wonder how long Ace Attorney would sit on the shelf, guess not long at all.

Investigations mechanics and characters were great. So as long as they make the overall story better this time, I'll be geeked about this one.



Noire said:

Oh goooooody.

capcom if you're trying to kill all interest i have in this franchise you're doing great



Bass_X0 said:

capcom if you're trying to kill all interest i have in this franchise you're doing great

How? This one won't be released in America until next year I should imagine, at least a year since the first game. And the one before that was released during 2008. So they really aren't releasing too many Ace Attorney games too quickly. And neither was Investigations a bad game either.



Noire said:

How? Because Miles Edgeworth did not do it for me. I don't mind one speed bump in a series spanning several games, but if they're gonna turn around and make a sequel to a game I did not enjoy, using many of the same mechanics and contrivences that the first game used, I'm not sure I want to be part of it.



theblackdragon said:

i really, really hate to say it, but I will probably not buy this game. :/

@Bass X0: it's not the speed at which they were/will be released or whatev', it's the fact that the first Investigations game sucked horribly... it was just inexcusably boring as hell, and i know i'm not looking forward to a sequel at all. not unless they drastically change where the overall plot is going (focus more on home intrigue, not foreign, plz, and for god's sake introduce some new characters, holy crap it's astounding how many jobs some of these staple characters have had over the span of the series).

besides that... come on, Capcom, where's the next Apollo Justice game?



LztheQuack said:

Perhaps Miles Edgeworth will take the position of a defense lawyer in this game



Bass_X0 said:

it's astounding how many jobs some of these staple characters have had over the span of the series

Thats part of the humor. They're staple characters because they are in their own way entertaining. But they have new jobs to keep things fresh. And given the fact that Larry and Oldbag aren't the type of people able to hold a steady job, it does make sense. Also, new characters are added to each game.



Reala said:

I liked the first Investigations game, though I got the impression most didn't, so quite surprised they'd make a sequel, pleasantly surprised though, just hope the final case doesn't drag on like last time, was the only complaint I had against the first game.



Linkstrikesback said:

Good. Would be nice to actually do some prosecuting in this one though. Another phoenix/apollo game without all the elements of investigating in AAI 1 would be a worthless piece of junk. They were ok, but by the 4th game everything was clearly going stale, A 5th one with nothing changed gameplaywise would have been terrible (actually, apollo already was but thats another story).

Also, is it just me or does the far left of the screenshot look like it has edgeworths portrait in the partner box?



Objection said:

Just echoing what tbd and Phoenix...Aran said, Investigations was a huge disappointment. It wasn't necessarily a bad game but it mostly fell apart after the first half of the game and from then on was a struggle to complete. Coming from someone who's played the first 4 games countless times through each, its not a direction I wanted mirrored and certainly not back to back. I for one will NOT buy another AAI game and sorely wish that PW4 or even AJ2 was the title instead.



Mayhem said:

Ah well, more copies for us then... loved the first AAI game, bring on another I say! Although I do agree that one featuring Emma Skye isn't a bad idea either...



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Linkstrikesback: IMO, Apollo Justice was great. AAI, on the other hand, was easily the weakest entry in the series. I don't think it's so bad that a sequel is an outright bad idea (which seems an odd thing to say for one who never even FINISHED it), I just hope they improve on it a good bit.



theblackdragon said:

Hear hear, Objection_Blaster.

@Bass X0: i get that it's part of the series' humor, and if there'd been just a couple cameos sprinkled in throughout the game, fine... but both Oldbag and Butz featured rather prominently in two separate cases, and they grated on my nerves the entire time (mainly because they're probably the two most featured non-main characters in the entire series). how hard-up for ideas regarding new characters are they? if that's the same kind of thing we're gonna get in the next game, screw it, y'know?



cnm_nintendo said:

sigh At least Ace Attorney still lives... But where's mah new Phoenix Wright game!? Maybe an online petition is in order so that maybe Capcom will make a new Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney game...



Noire said:


the more i think about it the worse this game sounds, and it sounded like crap from the get-go



lOnE-WolF said:

AAI only ever grated on my nerves because at some points the smuggling ring concept seemed to be stratched to thin. Otherwise, while I prefer the courtroom action from the first three PW games, I rather enjoyed it (especially the final chapter - it was a pain for me, but still felt as fulfilling as the final case on pw 1-3). I knoe for certain I'm going to get this, and I am quite looking forward to it.

But I stilll realy, really want a fourth game with Pheonix more than anything =/ (God, I can't stand Apollo >.>)



Big_A2 said:

I think I see a familiar face from the last case of Justice For All in one of those scans.



Balaclavab said:

Much rather have an Ace Attorney game, not an Investigations. I thought Apollo's story was much more interesting than Edgeworths.



Bass_X0 said:

All the more reason for them to give Edgeworth a better game in the sequel then. A bad game doesn't mean a bad sequel. Just look at the first Street Fighter.



Clawless_Glovins said:

I did really enjoy the first one, but I'm not that sure about a sequel. I'd welcome it, but I'd pick a phoenix wright one over it any day. I dunno, it was a bit underwhelming at times, especially the last case. I didn't really like that.

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