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Epic Mickey Cinematic Intro is Suitably Cinematic

Posted by James Newton

In a world where one mouse can make a difference...

Are we tired of Disney Epic Mickey yet? No, we're not. Although Nintendo's latest release schedule didn't pin down the mouse for a solid release date, this first part of the game's introductory movie should take out the sting a little.

Showing the mouse in full mischief mode, the video shows how Mickey came to find himself in the Wasteland and is littered with homages to classic mouse outings: magical mirrors, Fantasia and more all make appearances, so keep those eyes peeled.

Disney Epic Mickey is scheduled for a Christmas release.

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Oregano said:

I love this intro. Captures the Disney magic so well and Mickey's ear always face forward.

Can't wait for the game.



TheBaconator said:

This cinematic looks great, much better then those cutscenes with the wierd 2D art style. But the real gameplay (in the 3D platforming parts) just looks boring.

The cinematic is actually based of the short "Thru the Mirror"



naut said:

Hmmm. This game could be more interesting than I thought.



RyuZebian said:

Before calling this boring or stupid you should first compare it to earlier Disney games... There has been some good ones, but not in a while! And this is probably the most ambitious of them ever... Well, this and the Kingdom Hearts games.



Oregano said:

That short is awesome and it just shows that Warren and his team know their Disney stuff.



Will_Ireland said:

Games I must buy...
Mario Galaxy 2
Metroid Other M
Sin and Punisment 2
Epic Mickey

Anybody wanna give me 200euro?



Sadsack_Awesome said:

I want to get it... no matter when it comes out I want to get it... But I just hope it's not in the next couple of weeks, I want to save enough € for it



Radbot42 said:

That was a great intro but it sucks that this game is supposed to be so short. I might just wait for it to get cheap before i pick this up.



Kirk said:

This game is going to critically flop and disappoint many many people.

You can quote me on that.



Punny said:

Holy buckets, that intro was cool! In fact, it makes me happy that Mickey created that whole mess. That means he caused the events of what is going to be a great game!



TLink9 said:

That says nov 18 btw and I think that would be a reasonable release date.



WaveBoy said:

As awesome as everything looks, the most important thing doesn't....The gameplay, which looks like generic uninspired boring platforming



Kid_A said:

Very nice over all. Mickey's character animations are spot on, and the lighting is very nice. I just wish the Wizard's character design were more interesting.



IanUniacke said:

That was a very cool cinematic. I hope that they can keep that edgy style of fantasia throughout the game because it really is Mickey at his best.



SonicMaster said:

Did they have to tack on Disney to the title? Couldn't it just be a little "Disney's" above the title?



TheNewestBooM said:

well, as the game involves more of the world of 'disney' than just that of 'mickey', it seems appropriate enough for me.



Sneaker13 said:

Looks awesome, but I'm not sure about the game itself. The first artwork made me extremly excited about it, but after some gameplay footage, I'm having doubts.



Discipledoctor said:

Yeah, same here. That old artwork was really...interesting, to say the least. But now, I'm not too sure about the game...



opeter said:

The trailer is OK, but as did already others say, I did like the original artwork, that was so dark and scary. And badass.


But now, all we get is a game for little kids... sad, very sad, I am (would say Yoda from SW Episode 5).



lilboyblue said:

looks very meh is this the brilliant game mechanic everybody speak so highly of. I tell you the game look graphically o.k game play o.k style it got coloring need work and why is mickey talking is it cause his voice actor died so he doesn't want to replace him. I see a 6s in it future at least on IGN. I think rent and then make my final jugdement.

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