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Nintendo Download: 27th & 28th July 2010 (Japan)

Posted by Sean Aaron

WiiWare and VC releases and four new DSiWare titles next week for Japan.

It's been awhile since we've seen any new WiiWare in Japan, though the drought is only being broken by a single title from Nintendo. The weekly Virtual Console parade is also continuing and the DSi has its usual mix of education and entertainment apps to choose from.


Line Attack Heroes (1000pts - Nintendo) – This is a rather odd-looking game for Nintendo. First announced for retail and now appearing as a downloadable, it looks like a beat-em-up in a closed arena in which you use remote waves to beat the daylights out of opponents who then join your character in a conga line, thereby increasing your combat ability. There are fights against large bosses which see you whipping your line about and deploying your troops in different formations, reminding us of Little King's Story. There's one or more local multiplayer modes besides.

Virtual Console

Moero Twinbee (500pts Famicom - Konami) – Console-based sequel to the cutesy arcade shooter Twinbee. It was sold outside of Japan under the name Stinger, which means there's a good chance it could turn up in the Wii Shop in other territories.


Face Pilot (500pts - Nintendo) – Well, looks like North America is last on the list for this Nintendo title that uses the inside camera and your face to fly planes. We thought this game was good fun and offered a pretty novel control scheme, so check out our Face Pilot review for more details.

Adult World History Puzzle (200pts - IEEE Institute) – Another edutainment title from IEEE. Learning historic events through a series of puzzles could be fun; it's interesting that nobody outside of Japan seems to be selling this sort of software...

Arc Style: Sankokushi Tower Defence (500pts - Arc System Works) – The Arc Style series continues with this tower defence game set during China's "Three Kingdoms" era.

Ugoite Asobu Boxing (500pts - Genki Mobile) – A first-person boxing game which uses your DSi camera to track your movements. There's been a lot of games using the inside camera lately and with two in one week, we have to wonder if this is all testing the waters for the eventual appearance of the 3DS and the advent of 3D handheld gaming.

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Egg_miester said:

looks like dsi ware is owning this week with Adult World History Puzzle and Arc Style: Sankokushi Tower Defence but Line Attack Heroes maybe fun



Punny said:

Nice to see another Virtual Console game, but the real star of the show is Line Attack Heroes. Please come out here!



Adam said:

"Arc Style" still cracks me up. I'm not sure I follow Line Attack Heroes at all (remote waves?), but the a downloadable game with any similarity to Little King's Story is bound to be worth looking into if it comes over here.



KeeperBvK said:

I played Line Attack Heroes at Nintendo's post E3 event 2009. It's kinda cool, but nothing to write home about.



Sean_Aaron said:

@ExploderReviews: Well, the name of the company is Arc System Works, so that explains the "Arc" part, but clearly they're trying to make a psychological connection in people's minds with "Art Style" and get people to have a look. From what I've seen these games don't appear to be quite as special as Nintendo's arty puzzle games.



TJ_Spyke said:

This is why you shouldn't post these so early, your comment on North America getting Face Pilot last turned out to be BS because we got it a day before Japan.

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