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Wed 2nd Sep 2009

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Dru192 commented on NBA Jam Exclusive to HMV in UK:

@eljhojo , Amen brother! I did the same thinking EA was gona pull a Naruto: CotNR 3 (picked mine up on a trip to Spain, can't believe its still not out!) on us. Glad its finally out, was deffo worth the extra bucks!



Dru192 commented on Oh Look, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Sold Better Than...:

I'm actually glad Capcom didn't release the numbers, too many gamers have become obsessed with numbers using them for bragging rights or whatever (i dont really get it tbh). This is a great no make that AMAZING game, that I still play almost everyday (took a break to complete Red Steel 2 but now I'm back) and is easily my favourite Wii title to date! If you still havent bought it u can pick it up cheap and if you want a match hit me up here: Gud on you Capcom! Thanks for listening to your fans and bringing this title over, glad to hear you didnt get let down!



Dru192 commented on Review: Tomena Sanner (WiiWare):

Picked this up this morn and I'm totally addicted lol. Tomenasanner is AWESOME! and the online leaderboards add endless replay value, an essential purchase for anyone with a sense of humour! LOVE IT!



Dru192 commented on Review: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Reflex (...:

Really glad this turned out to be the game every1 wanted, imagine the flamewars if it had of sucked lol. At least now people no Wii FPS's can work. I still prefer TCON as it has a more arcadey feel to it and I love the
sci-fi weapons (shrieker rocks!!!) but I'm really pleased we got a good port for a change



Dru192 commented on Review: Need For Speed: NITRO (Wii):

Love this game! But totally agree with some of the flaws (limited tracks etc) but I felt the Career mode is great fun and I'm still having a blast as its quite challenging and the desire to get all the stars for all event is addictive. Personally I would give it a 8.5 out of 10 and recommend it highly for arcade racing fans. Really looking forward to a sequel with all the faults sorted out, if that happens this will be a key Wii franchise without a shadow of a doubt! Great job EA!!



Dru192 commented on Rumour: GAME Group Not Stocking Muramasa?:

Just pre-ordered my copy from play seems this game will become a rare, cult classic, shame though it deserves much more praise. I'm happy though 3 80%+ reviewed games come out this week (A Boy and his Blob, Rabbids Go Home & NFS:Nitro) and yet people still say there are no good games on the Wii, there loss I guess.



Dru192 commented on Review: Academy of Champions (Wii):

@mjc0961 - Aww don't be so harsh towards old Ubi, at least they are one of the few publishers out there building games from the ground up for the Wii, this title was never going to be world changing, it was a "B" title at best and we must remember that its selling at "budget title" price. I enjoyed my copy and think its definitely worth a rent or bargain bin pick up. Some games are groundbreaking, world changing efforts e.g. Zelda, M.G.S etc whereas some games are just what they are cheap and cheerful little distractions and I think this title is one of them



Dru192 commented on Academy of Champions:

This game rocks! Good graphics, good fine tuned mechanics and lots and lots of fun! Buy it!