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Sat 24th Oct 2009

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TJ_Spyke commented on Rumour: Wii 2 to Feature Blu-ray Drive, Out Ne...:

So some minor site no one has heard of claims an anonymous source has this info? I don't buy this, and I am surprised Nintendo Life would publish it.

@evilralfwiggum, not quite true. Nintendo and Panasonic made a special GameCube called the Panasonic Q that could legally play DVDs, they only sold it in Japan though.



TJ_Spyke commented on Yes, There Really Is a Zelda Master Timeline D...:

A Link to the Past comes after Ocarina of Time, Miyamoto himself confirmed this in a 1998 Nintendo Power interview when he revealed that this was the official timeline order:
Ocarina of Time
Legend of Zelda
Zelda II
A Link to the Past

He didn't say where Link's Awakening was, but it would have to be after OOT since he said that was first in the timeline. They may have changed it since, but they did share it before.



TJ_Spyke commented on Still Hope Rayman Origins May Find its Way to ...:

Nintendo has been the home of the Rayman franchise for quite some time (I think the last one to appear on another system was when the first Rayman Raving Rabbids appeared on Xbox 360), the Wii and DS should get it too.

Egg miester, people love the Rabbids.



TJ_Spyke commented on Reggie's 3DS Date Confirmation May Have Been a...:

Who should I believe, the president of Nintendo of America or some "anonymous source"? Besides, they did not say he was wrong, and coming out in the first three months of 2011 is still 2011. There is no chance of the 3DS coming out this year.



TJ_Spyke commented on Trailblaze: Puzzle Incinerator:

Considerg that the game doesn't even have a PAL release date, the article name should be at Flametail (which is in both the North American and Japanese name), it's the PAL name that is odd.



TJ_Spyke commented on Accio! Two Games Conjured from Harry Potter an...:

Surprise, surprise. Warner Bros. is being greedy by making people pay twice to watch the movie, so why shouldn't EA charge twice to play the same game? The main reason the movie is being split in 2 is because they know Harry Potter fans will be willing and stupid enough to pay twice.



TJ_Spyke commented on Pokémon Black and White Starters are Disappoi...:

Actually, we DO know the names of the starters (so the article is wrong). These are the Japanese names of coarse and thus will be changed for the English translation.The grass starter is Tsutaja and is called a Grass Snake Pokemon. The fire starter is Pokabu and is called a Fire Pig Pokemon. The water starter is Mijumaru and is called a Sea Otter Pokemon.

All 3 are ugly, Pokabu is the least ugly. I think Treecko now has competition for ugliest grass starter, I may actually start with Pokabu ( with the past games I always started with the grass starter).



TJ_Spyke commented on Lumines Dev Not Impressed With 3DS:

The Fox, this moron is being all negative on the 3DS despite the fact that he knows nothing more than the rest of us (which is almost nothing). It's like commenting on the quality of a movie that won't come out for 2 years.

Hardy83, The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks (the most recent Zelda game) sold a LOT more than just 1 million. The game sold 2.45 million copies just in 2009, that is a great number for any company.



TJ_Spyke commented on Nintendo Download: 12th March 2010 (Europe):

cheapogamer, why do you assume it's Nintendo's fault? Maybe the publishers are too cheap to get it rated by the OFLC? Every region requires a separate rating, and some publishers can't afford that (some small studios have eve said that this is the reason their games are only released in North America, they can't afford to localize it for EU or AU).

Also, aren't there now like 15 sudoku games on DSiWare?



TJ_Spyke commented on Brand New NES Platformer Released:

Kid_A, it's an unlicensed game, so there is 0% chance of it ever appearing on the VC. Why didn't this company just get a Wii development kit and make it a WiiWare game? They would have made more money (and be a legit developer).



TJ_Spyke commented on Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver UK Date Annou...:

"(Americans should be getting it too, we would imagine)", kinda old news. Nintendo of America announced yesterday morning that we would be getting the Pokéwalker.

Klap, Nintendo confirmed in their press release that you can take along any Pokémon.

Gavin, the North American release date is March 14.



TJ_Spyke commented on Celebrate The Holidays With Cheaper Sega Virtu...:

"Rare"? It's not just rare, this is the first time Virtual Console games have ever been on sale. Nice to see these cheaper Genesis games, I hope they do well enough to encourage Nintendo to do more sales.

I wonder who is losing the $2 in revenue though, Nintendo or Sega? Or both?



TJ_Spyke commented on Rayman:

legochesser, this is not a new game, it's just a port of the original Rayman game.



TJ_Spyke commented on Nintendo Download: Bikes, Frogs, Dragons, Bomb...:

I think it's unfair to call Electroplankton a commercial disaster. In the US, the game was ONLY available from Nintendo's website and Amazon (same thing in Canada, although the Canadian version of EB Games also carried it). It's hard to call a game a success or failure when the only place to buy it was at 2 websites.

As for Wii 4.2, the only reason not to update is if you want to continue using the Homebrew Channel (the update doesn't just disable it, it actually deletes the channel).