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Live Video Chat Could Come to Pokemon Black & White

Posted by James Newton

Live Caster feature for DSi and 3DS only

Pokémon Black & White is shaping up to be a big push forward for the series: as well as a revamped graphical style, three-on-three battling and more, the latest information suggests it will allow DSi and 3DS owners to use video chat in local and WiFi Connection play.

Pokémon website par excellence Serebii has posted scans of a Japanese promotional pamphlet that refers to a new feature named Live Caster, which would allow four local players or two WiFi Connection players to chat with voice and video. It also refers to another new feature called Pass By, described in a similar manner to some DS games' Tag Modes.

Bear in mind as usual that these are just rumours until confirmed.


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HipsterDashie said:

Whilst the feature would be completely pointless over local WiFi, it certainly does excite me. I bet you'll only be able to video chat with friends though.

Lets hope we get to see some more DSi/3DS exclusive features.



Faildude said:

"Bear in mind as usual that these are just rumours until confirmed by Nintendo."

What? Game Freak doesn't belong to Nintendo, so why would they need Nintendo to approve their information?
In addition, this is information leaked from the CoroCoro Magazine. They give out new information about Pokémon games almost every month and they have never reported any bogus information. The only way this could be wrong is if the person that translated it from Japanese to English got something wrong.
In other words, I wouldn't call this a rumor anymore.



James said:

@Faildude A scan from a Japanese magazine unofficially translated gives plenty of opportunity for miscommunication. As usual our stance is to advise caution until official confirmation (duly noted on the GameFreak/Nintendo thing though, I get so used to writing Nintendo I do it out of habit )



Sylverstone said:

Now this is the type of exclusive stuff I expect for DSi/3DS.

So 3DS version and DSi-exclusive Pokemon Black and White confirmed? I hope so.



skywake said:

I wonder if this supposed tag mode could make use of the 3DS' in-built tag mode. I know its a DS game but... surely they could code in some 3DS extras?



Klapaucius said:

Its becoming even harder to resist these... X_X
I promised myself I wouldn't get it before I finish my current Pokemon game. I also need to wait until the English release. I need to hurry up and finish Soul Silver!

@2 Pretty sure Game Freak is a 2nd party developer of Nintendo, so Nintendo does own them




OH gamefreak got OWNED.
this would be really cool over wi-fi. not so much over local since you'd be close enough to see eachother



HipsterDashie said:


If this is a DSi/3DS exclusive feature, then this pretty much confirms that these games will be DSi enhanced. And you know what that means?




Token_Girl said:

^^This. Sucks for importers (especially since pokemon is such a popular import).

However, if it can still play on a DS Lite, wouldn't the Lite not recognize the region locking? I'm not sure exactly how this would work, but in theory, only the DSi/3DS extra enhanced features would, in effect, be locked if that was the case.



NassaDane said:

I don't really understand what Pass Feature is but video chat..hmm..interesting but pointless for me. Not just cause of the whole Lite thing but who even uses the voice chat thing in the first place, seeing the other persons face will change that? If i had it i would only use it in Local play with my best friend, if anything.



komicturtle said:

I had a feeling it would have a DSi exclusive feature- but never thought it would be this. Using the 3D effects of the 3DS would be a nice bonus (the game looks it it would GREATLY benfit from that considering the new perspectives and the battle animations).

Reminds me of Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages (and Oracle of Seasons) where it had a Gameboy Advance exclusive feature.



komicturtle said:

Oh, on another note- what is the significance in a VIDEO CHAT application for Pokemon? Maybe it's a little experiment for Nintendo (partially Gamefreak) to see how well it does to then use the same feature for the 3DS built-in.



PTJohe said:

"which would allow four local players to chat with voice and video"
Yeah, how will I communicate to someone who is RIGHT NEXT to me? Use a DS!
Bravo Nintendo, bravo...



Hardy83 said:

Yey, most stuff that should be built into a system being used to sell something else.



Arcanum said:

if this turns out true.... wow... so many things will be able to be done. can you imagine it.



HipsterDashie said:


The games would work on any DS Phat or DS Lite, since neither system employs region locking. Obviously, DSi features won't work on the two consoles.

However, the games won't work at all if their region doesn't match that of the DSi/XL console.



IanUniacke said:

To the person asking how this applies to pokemon...

P1: "I challenge an almighty..." lips out of sync "...battle for the ages..."

P2: " is you who shall be punished!"

P1: "Banzaaaaaaaaiiii!!!!"



IanUniacke said:

Or alternatively you could mimic the lame writing of some of the characters in the game

"I like bugs. They are so pretty."

"My daddy says I'm the smartest pokemon trainer. Want to study with me?"

Or some other cheesey dialog..



JGMR said:

I'm not very interested in the story at all. Nah, the girl on the right caught my attention



Junior117 said:

Basically, I see this whole "Nintendo ownership" like this:

As long as the Executive Producer is Satoru Iwata AND that company is allowed to go to the very privite places that Nintendo EAD and other first-parties (ex. Retro Studios, etc.) since Nintendo is a very private company, than 2nd parties are owned by Nintendo to a certain extent.

There. Glad I got that out of my head.



realar said:

Well I'm mostly concerned about Rankurusu being a version exclusive, he's my new favorite Psychic type but if he's in Black I can't catch him to use for my team which bites! Gochirizeru is the strict inforcer of anti-item holding- not a fan- but it has a decent design and not as strange as I thought it was.



mullen said:

I really hope that there will be a live chat dsiware, i.e., skype. I think it will be really useful. But existing as a function in pokemon games means that I can only chat with others who also have and is playing this game.



Hokori said:

Looks great. cant wait to get it Sept 18 cant come soon enough.
even though ill probably get it on the 26th or so since im importing



misterquin said:

Just had a thought. Even though this is for DS, could the 3DS play this in 3D? If not, why the hell not!?!?



ExploderReviews said:

Im glad that there starting to make the good games exclusive to better systems. They can do a lot more with them, and i always hate it when people keep technology from advancing and complaining, "I dont wanna buy a new ds!!! If you make this not for the old one im not buying it!!!" It makes me almost madder then when my stupid friend started kicking my computer right in front of me then denied he kicked it.



ExploderReviews said:

Oh and PTjohe and hardy83 they meant a wifi video chat, witch could be extremely usefull if the 3ds gets 3g.



fishman100 said:

wow, i'm seriously starting to marvel about the next generation of video games. What next???? only time will tell...



Hokori said:

the 3DS already has GPS
Soon my Handheld will replace everything else wich is a good thing because I can sell my other stuff
like my DSI Replaced my Ipod which only plays music

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