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Alley-Oop! Hoopworld Slams WiiWare's Backboard on 19th July

Posted by James Newton

That's our basketball knowledge exhausted

Virtual Toys has been absent from the world of WiiWare for quite a while, but it's ready to return on Monday with Hoopworld, 1000 Point, 3-on-3 basketball game with tons of fighting.

Promising plenty of arcade action, an online leaderboard, offline two-player modes and plenty of the sport's trademark razzmatazz, Hoopworld's billed as a "basketbrawl" game as players can use kung-fu moves to steal possession. With NBA Jam heading to Wii later this year and Mario Sports Mix boasting its own hard court action, this could be a golden time for basketball games on Nintendo's machine. We'll have a full review of Hoopworld shortly after its release next week.

HoopWorld™ brings over-the-top arcade basketball with a kung-fu power-up twist to the platform, offering unlimited replay ability via seven uniquely themed teams and six outdoor courts/ locations. Connect to the HoopWorld™ online leader board or play with a friend. Fast, fun, and easy to pick-up arcade action and power-ups will keep players on the edge of their seats, as they basketbrawl their way to the top of the HoopWorld Leader board Championship!

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Ian_Daemon said:

"Basketbrawl"? Uh... They made an updated ArchRivals? I dunno. I don't see any green mohawks in those screenshots.



WaveGhoul said:

I'm no fan of basket ball, or most sports games in general but this is probably the coolest looking basket ball game I've ever seen. I really dig the creative environemnts and the fact that this isn't another boring sim. Arcade Kung Fu basketball set in trippy tropical environemnts, sounds shweeeet. But I'll most likely pass.



Imerion said:

This came out of nowhere and looks quite nice! I usually don't like non-racing sports games (Wii Sports/Resorts excluded), but with some added action and fighting, like Mario Strikers, it can certainly be great fun to play with friends. So I'll keep my eyes on this.



GreenSpleen said:

I used to love playing Arch Rivals back in the day at the arcade. If this had online PLAY and not just a leaderboard then I would buy it for sure. Otherwise Im just going to get NBA JAM later this year.



jbrodack said:

Sounds pretty cool and looks like its been in development a while but the lack of videos is kind of worrying. With it coming out so soon wouldn't they want to promote it more?



Retro-Commando said:

Don't go comparing this game to nba jam remember nba jam is a RETAIL game while this is a wiiware game. I am a big fan of NBA but I don't think this will entertain me no official players, teams etc. Unless it was 500 points then I would have looked into it.



cheapogamer4life said:

ooh, I would soooooo buy this if it ever came to the DSiware shop! Maybe if the review turns out great i'll make this title my first Wiiware game.



Gameday said:

yea soon as i seen the flaming dunk i thought nba jam on wiiware but with kung fu and stuff yea reminds me of arch rivals... I got tired of that game quick , this looks more mesmerizing. gonna look into this more looks pretty nice. I mean how many sports games does the wiiware even have....? Even though this isn't a traditional basketball/sports game ?

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