Alley-Oop! Hoopworld Slams WiiWare's Backboard on 19th July

That's our basketball knowledge exhausted

Virtual Toys has been absent from the world of WiiWare for quite a while, but it's ready to return on Monday with Hoopworld, 1000 Point, 3-on-3 basketball game with tons of fighting.

Promising plenty of arcade action, an online leaderboard, offline two-player modes and plenty of the sport's trademark razzmatazz, Hoopworld's billed as a "basketbrawl" game as players can use kung-fu moves to steal possession. With NBA Jam heading to Wii later this year and Mario Sports Mix boasting its own hard court action, this could be a golden time for basketball games on Nintendo's machine. We'll have a full review of Hoopworld shortly after its release next week.

HoopWorld™ brings over-the-top arcade basketball with a kung-fu power-up twist to the platform, offering unlimited replay ability via seven uniquely themed teams and six outdoor courts/ locations. Connect to the HoopWorld™ online leader board or play with a friend. Fast, fun, and easy to pick-up arcade action and power-ups will keep players on the edge of their seats, as they basketbrawl their way to the top of the HoopWorld Leader board Championship!

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