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E3 2010: Mario Sports Mix Coming Next Year

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

On his way to conquering every sport ever played (Updated with trailer!)

Mario has proven his sporting prowess time and time again over the years, with numerous golf, tennis, baseball and even Olympic outings. And, as announced during Nintendo's E3 keynote, the Brooklyn-ite has a lot more juice left in him. Must be all those electrolytes!

Coming next year, Mario Sports Mix will see the plumber and his usual gang of Mushroom Kingdom cronies take on four more sports: volleyball, hockey, dodgeball and basketball.

Mario is no stranger to basketball, taking to the court in 2006's Mario Hoops 3-on-3 on DS. He's also put in some time with hockey and volleyball in GameCube's Mario Party 5. Dodgeball? Does Super Smash Bros. count? Stay tuned to Nintendo Life for more on this one!

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Hang on a minute. On the forums a few months back I said they should do a Mario and Sonic WiiMotionPlus Sports package. This is slightly different but nevertheless spooky!

Oh, and an insta-buy in all probability. I hope they release it in the UK unlike super sluggers.

Shame there's no wiimotionplus golf. I hope this is motionplus capable btw, to make it interesting....



Kid_A said:

I'm a big fan of Mario's sports outings, so this was a nice little treat. Volleyball in particular looks like good fun (though all of the sports seem to borrow heavily from Mario Hoops on the DS)



Klapaucius said:

Why do we need this? We already have Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. And Wii Sports Resort.



HappyHappy said:

I usually try to avoid Mario sports games, but I think I may give this one a buy hoping there will be more sports games added to this.



Rusty_Nail said:

This isn't something for my taste, i hate to play sports games with Nintendos characters if i wanna play sport i buy EA Sports titles with real world characters.



rjejr said:

My sons have been playing a lot of Sluggers and Strikers lately (after topping out on SMG2 around 55 stars each) so this is a must own for us.

I think it's funny Sony was showing off beach volleyball on the Move right after this. Though I'm sure at some point I'll own the Move, maybe when it comes packaged with the PS4.



dres said:

I like what i See. Love Mario Strikers, Tennis and Golf. Hopefully this will be just as good.



Terra said:

Could be fun, but with a lot of the other stuff coming, I actually don't care much for this. We've had our fill of Sports games already, so I thought Nintendo would've stopped by now. Nevermind, this will still sell pretty well.



Yosher said:

Haha, dodgeball, never would've thought Mario would actually hit that sport. I'm looking forward to this one! I just hope it'll get here, unlike Mario's Baseball Wii game...



Fuzzy said:

Nice choice of sports. All of them sound fun. Can't wait to show Waluigi what I think of him in the form of a dodgeball!



Gameday said:

can they ever make a game like this online for the wii plz "mario party online , wii party online , mario sports online...

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