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Nintendo Hardware Sees Significant Sales Slump in UK

Posted by James Newton

Wii sold 45% less than previous year, DS down 36%

We already know that Nintendo's profits were down last year – although it's worth repeating it was still the company's third most profitable year ever – but one surprising fact is just how much British hardware sales dropped off compared to the previous year.

The biggest dip was Wii, which saw a 45% drop in units sold compared to the previous year. When you consider last year saw potential system sellers Wii Fit Plus, New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Wii Sports Resort from Nintendo itself, it's disappointing to see the console shifting barely half as much as the year before.

The DS wasn't immune to falling sales, with all models declining 36% on the previous year, indicating that the recent revisions to the format aren't enough to sustain its stunning sales record. There was also a relative lack of true must-have titles for DS released over the period in question, something that undoubtedly had a negative impact on the machine's sales.

Although both Nintendo formats slipped, it bears mentioning that opposition formats also saw significant drops, in line with recent reports suggesting the traditional retail industry is shrinking in the UK.


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Sean_Aaron said:

Well, it might be a bit disappointing for Nintendo, but I think a cut back in consumer spending in the UK is a good thing as it's been a bit out of control for the last 5+ years.



JimLad said:

Well you can't keep selling consoles at such a high rate, eventually most people will have one.
Perhaps a price drop is due though, they make enough from the software anyway.



Machu said:

Like Gavin I have no sympathy, an economic crisis hits and they raised the price, ridiculous. Anyway, sales were gonna slow down eventually what with saturation and the drop in price for rival consoles. A 360 Elite is only £40 more ffs. I do wish Nintendo weren't quite so greedy sometimes. They should drop the price closer to it's production value and rely on the profit from all the quality software that is due this year and next.



JayArr said:

I think it has to be saturation, like Machu said. It's not that big of an island. How many Wiis can you possibly sell!



bestbuck said:

@Gavin Rozee - I agree.
This is good News, If the Wii kept selling well Nintendo would never release a follow up. Plus they are greedy but that's Business. We will see a price cut this year put money on it. It won't affect me tho



Mandoble said:

And global revenues went down 35% due lack of sales and drop of prices (which didnt help to increase the sales at all), a brutal slap in the face for big "n".



Mahe said:

For Wii, it was the price hike. That wasn't a very good move at all, no way around it. For DS, the system is old so it's supposed to be going down.

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