A UK games-buyer, yesterday

Those Brits love a good game, but lately it seems they don't like buying them so much: the week ending April 23rd was the slowest sales week the UK's seen in four years.

That said, there was still £13.5m ringing through British tills, which some might say is quite a decent amount, though it represents a 23% drop on the previous week. Unit sales were down as well, with some 640,000 games taken to new homes across the land, 21% lower than sales the week before.

What's to blame for this sluggish performance? Predictably there's no single factor, but it's believed the relatively low number of new releases, impending UK election and, of course, the British weather can all take partial credit. That said, Nintendo need not worry as Wii Fit Plus and Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver continue to rake in the money with strong sales performances. And now Monster Hunter Tri is seemingly chomping on the opposition, here's hoping the market will use a First-Aid Med and recover in no time.

[source mcvuk.com]