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Sega Wheels Out Sonic All-Stars Racing Pack

Posted by James Newton

UK racers get blue shells - not the annoying kind, though.

Judging by the hundreds of thousands of hours spent playing Mario Kart Wii since its release two years ago, those official Wii Wheels must be getting smashed to dust by now. Well, for anyone after a nice new wheel and a character-based driving game to replace it, SEGA has just the thing on the way.

Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing will come packaged with a rather nifty blue racing wheel, not unlike the one packaged with Codemasters' Formula 1 2009. Only blue, of course.

The game itself is due for release on February 26th on both Wii and DS, with online play confirmed for both formats and stacks of other characters and features too. Mario Kart Wii comparisons are inevitable, but why should SEGA reinvent the wheel?


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Cipher said:

Quite nice, actually. Though as with Mario Kart I doubt I'll use it.



Raylax said:

I'll probably end up using the MKWiiel (SEE WAT I DID THAR??/) though, but this one's pretty. And blue. Yay for blue.



Giggsy said:

I wasn't aware of this it should help the game sell. Nice article James.




I heard about this. The wheel is a bit ugly but I'll take long as there is no extra premium for it.

I presume this means the game controls well with the wii wheels? That's vey important for a wii game racer imho.

We have two official nintendo wii wheels and one GAME shop wheel. This'll be no.4.



metaknave said:

I liked the subtitle! I already have 2 Wii Wheels (I had to rebuy MKWii and they didn't have any used), so this will not be purchased by me unless there is an option of buying it without the wheel, kinda like Wii Fit + was or wasn't bundled with the Balance Board.



Linkuini said:

If the motion controls are as responsive as in MKWii, I'm fine with either wheel. What I really want to know is whether this game has enough depth to give it some staying power on my Wii (and online). Oh, and for the record, I never used anything but the Wii Wheel for Mario Kart: it's too much fun to make me worry about any (real or imagined) loss in precision.



Phobos said:

What did I tell you? Clone of Mario Kart Wii! We have the Wii Wheel, SEGA! This SEGA wheel looks pretty badly proportioned. It's more rectangular and flat. I am more suited to totally round wheels. This one would just throw off my sense of balance completely.



Crunc said:

This looks like the generic wheel alternatives already available, just blue. What I want to know is, is what characters will be unique to the Wii version of this game. The Xbox has Banjo Kazoie.

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