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Aardman Create Zelda Flipnote

Posted by James Newton

"Weatherman is last Aardman Flipnote" statement proves erroneous

Contrary to our earlier reports that The Weatherman was Aardman's final Flipnote creation, we've just had word about this rather cool Zelda animation from those talented Brits.

Obviously a neat way to promote the new Zelda: Spirit Tracks game, it's just as cute as the title itself and well worth a watch, if just for the payoff at the end.

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We'll apparently see two more Flipnotes from the studio in the coming weeks, so check back here and we'll update you.

Don't forget our review of Zelda: Spirit Tracks is already available, so if you want to know how Link's latest outing fares then hop to it and find out.

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suburban_sensei said:

It is quite amazing what talented people can do with Flipnote Studio. I, on the other hand, really need to work on my Flipnote skills.



Raylax said:

Love the idea of Aardman/Nintendo collaborations.
Now hire Aardman to make a Zelda/Wallace&Gromit crossover short film. Gromit as Link, Wallace as Princess Zelda XD
I'd so watch that.



Noire said:

I played the Chu on the left. Rather convincing performance, if I say so myself.

Haha, that was pretty slick and completely true to the spirit of Zelda. I mean, who doesn't totally run around all the enemies if given the chance?



AVahne said:

i'll be getting both Spirit Tracks and FlipNote Studio when i get a DSi,FlipNote looks so awesome



SanderEvers said:

I finally found it on my DSi

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koolkitties said:

I don't get why these guys are considered so hilarious. They are great animators, but the flipnotes themselves...

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