More cutesy voices abound!

If you've got a DSi, you should really have Flipnote Studio, the brilliant (and free) flip-book animation program that lets you doodle away, add sound and then share your creation with the world.

Whilst the efforts among Nintendo Life staff are far too crude to show to the public, master animators Aardman Animation of Wallace and Gromit fame put together a series of super-impressive short animations, the last one of which is now available to view.

Named The Weatherman, it's still as cutesy, funny and downright oddball as the previous entries in the series, though in our view it's not quite up there with The Sandwich Twins. You can check out the final animation without leaving this very page, and then head over to Flipnote Hatena's dedicated Aardman Animations portal to catch up on any short flicks you may have missed.