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Super Meat Boy Developer Hospitalized

Posted by Kaes Delgrego

Edmund McMillen recovers but faces tough bills.

Despite Team Meat's penchant for heavy doses of tomfoolery, this is no joke or lame "Viral Marketing" technique: Team Meat Developer Edmund McMillen was hospitalized Sunday night with gall bladder inflammation. He required surgery to have it removed.

Making matters complicated is the fact that Edmund is one of the estimated 46 million Americans without health insurance. With the cost of a hospital stay added to the price for surgery, McMillen will be facing some hefty bills.

On the positive side, Edmund was released several hours ago and is resting at home. Additionally, Team Meat has made no mention of a delay for Super Meat Boy, still scheduled for Q1 2010. From an email sent by Team Meat's Tommy Refenes:

[McMillen] lives and breathes this game, even to the point when I spoke to him before surgery, he was talking about alt levels for Meat Boy and what we need to finish. All of our heart, soul, blood, sweat, and tears are in this game and we will stop at nothing to get it done.

All of us at Nintendo Life wish McMillen a speedy recovery. For the latest news check out SuperMeatBoy on Twitter.

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Egg_miester said:

people get sick all the time so i don't see the big deal as long as the game is on time for release



Omega said:

With the cost of a hospital stay added to the price for surgery, McMillen will be facing some hefty bills.
Oh no! This is so tragic. Some Prayers please.


Does this mean that the Super Meat Boy game is going to be more expensive than originally planned?



Bring_Back_Pluto said:

What if everyone who donated received a free Meat Boy (gall bladder) t-shirt?

I'd give all my wii points and monies for that!



Hardy83 said:

LOL man every time I hear this story I think how stupid Americans are for letting their country go on without proper healthcare for so long.

I hope this guy gets better, but man....So stupid.



suburban_sensei said:

I hope he gets the game out sooner now, so that we can buy the game and help him with those bills, because I think the game looks fantastic.



Chunky_Droid said:

Ouch, no health insurance.

America needs to focus on this problem, and not just because one guy had an inflamed gall bladder.

But it's not really my place to comment on other countries health systems



AVahne said:

Hope he gets better!

And America really DOES need to fix the health program. Obama, hurry up and fix it already



CorusFace said:

Man, some of you guys are rough! "Everybody gets sick, as long as the game gets out on time..." Haha! Sounds a bit selfish, doesn't it....?



SKTTR said:

On Nintendo of Europe it says Super Meat Boy is published by Nintendo? True??

Anyway, I hope you'll get better soon Edmund.



MarkyVigoroth said:

Even if I dislike Newsgrounds, I do not hate the people who are apart of such, so I am not happy here.



Gabbo said:

I'm not sure I follow you. Is McMillen "stupid" for not having health insurance, or am I "stupid" for not wanting to pay his bills in addition to my own? It's kind of a complex problem that deserves a more serious discussion than to simply say we should throw more money at it. But it's a problem of economics, not a lack of proper health care as you stated.

That being said, I wish him well and hope he recovers soon enough to start working on more games.



KDR_11k said:

I heard claims that it's really hard to get insurance at a good price if you don't have an employer providing it and indie devs don't tend to have big insurance deals.



SmaMan said:

Buy Meat-Boy, help pay the dev's medical bills!

And to all of you thinking we here in America aren't trying to fix this issue, I can barely turn on the news today without hearing some shred of information about Obama's health care overhaul debate!

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