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DSi Speak Channel On the Way?

Posted by James Newton

Rumours and leaks surround DSi voice chat channel!

We know the Wii Shop Channel was updated yesterday to allow those who'd bought the Internet Channel to claim their free NES game, but the DSi Shop Channel was updated as well, bringing with it rumours of a future launch of a DSi voice chat channel.

According to Kotaku, those quick enough to access the DSi Shop Channel soon were met with error code 206602, which initially linked to a Nintendo customer service page mentioning the DSi Speak Channel. It's since been removed, but Google reveals a cached version of the page's content:

"To redeem a Nintendo DSi Download Ticket number, such as for the Nintendo DSi Speak Channel, enter the number off the Nintendo DSi Download Ticket..."

This information is now sadly long gone, but this is a clear indication that the DSi could be getting its own online chat channel. How it will work is unsure - will you send voice messages to your DSi-owning friends or could it be used in-game to chat with other gamers? Time will tell on this one.


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XD375 said:

Perhaps it was an old copy+paste of old Wii instructions, only with the word DSi in place of Wii? I mean, Microsoft Word's "Replace All" function is pretty nifty.

Haha, just kidding. I'll be getting a DSi for this when it comes out.



ReZon said:

Considering the amount of support Wii Speak gets, I don't see any reason for excitement. If Nintendo could get it right, it could be huge.. but I wouldn't get your hopes up.



Kid_A said:

Don't they already have something that allows you to talk to people even if they are a great distance away from you? A phone I think it's called?



warioswoods said:

As much as XD375's suggestion sounds like a ridiculous mistake for a company this size, I actually believe it to be quite plausible. Everything about that page was exactly like the Wii page, just with DSi substituted for Wii, and it could be that a lazy person updating the page simply used Find / Replace or another substitute function, then forgot to remove the Wii Speak bit until a bit too late.



Porky said:

I don't see the hype for this. Most people on fourms discussing wii speak say they don't have it and never will.



Nnooo said:

Hmm that explains why Nintendo were a bit coy on us making a myChat application as part of myLifeCollected



Nnooo said:

Oh and to the nay-sayers. Just think of a DSi app which used Wifi (available all over the place) and the cameras to allow you to contact other DSi users....

Hmm could that compete with a phone?



Cheezy said:

Really cool, but is there anyway that it was just a screw-up on their part? But I hope not. Best news this week since I heard Roger Daltrey was coming to my home city soon, so it's a good week



Grumble said:

Awesome... I was just asking for this the other day in the DSiWare forums... our own chat room... Awesome!



XD375 said:

Haha, you guys realize many DS games already use voice chat, right? My life is Pokémon voice chat, since I don't like phone bills and my girlfriend happens to also be an avid fan of Pokémon. With everyone switching to WPA-2 security though, this is becoming a problem with her parents planning on making the switch.

(PSP Skype will hold me over, though. : P)

I still kinda stand by my suggestion that this is just a copy+paste mistake.



bboy2970 said:

I'm afraid this copy and paste theory may be true. I think this for 2 reasons:
1. It mentions a redemption code. Why would the DSi which has a microphone built in need a redemption code? If it were coming wouldn't they just make it a standard app for all to download?
2. They don't refer to anything on DSi as "channels" like they do on Wii. "Nintendo DSi Sound", "Nintendo DSi Camera", "Nintendo DSi Shop". None of these things mention the word "channel". If this did have some truth to it, it would probably just be called "Nintendo DSi Speak".
Don't get me wrong, I want this just as much as the next guy and hope I am proven wrong but I'm just saying, don't get your hopes too high.



HipsterDashie said:

I have an account on the Official Nintendo Magazine website, and I stayed in contact with another member shortly after the release of the DSi. He had an idea for such a channel, and contacted Nintendo about it. Nintendo replied by confirming his idea was infact in the making, alongside a Virtual Console for DSiWare. Obviously I can't assume it to be 100% true, but it does all seem to add up.



kam said:

yay something on the dsi wroth spending my brothers nintendo points on



Mr_DSi said:

If this is true, I hope it's free but I would be willing to pay 200 or 500 points for it.



PATUX3T said:

What's wii speak? I dont really have a wii so i dont know. lol _ BTW, from what i've read here, i think i'll stick to the copy-paste theory.

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