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Fri 23rd Oct 2009

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baruch102 commented on Sudoku 4Pockets:

i third the opinion rayvin i dont care about sudoku,proto-THAT WOULD BE AWSOME!



baruch102 commented on Review: Legends of Exidia (DSiWare):

Hey i got this despite the review and to me its pretty cool i mean besides the attacking being so easy, they backed it up with some really hard parts in the game like deflecting bullits and getting through WAVES, like 10 magic orbs every 4 seconds (in some areas) and its pretty good i didnt beat the game yet so, yeah....



baruch102 commented on First Look: myPostcards:

@Nnooo- I really would like to have this app but i already got the notebooks so mabey you could ethier make it an free update for all the notebooks or you can make it a free aplication from the free section (we really need more freebees _) if its free then probibly everyone will buy it. And a lot of people bought the notebooks and pop solo so mabey u can afford to put it for free ! So reply back



baruch102 commented on Brand New Flipper Screenshots and Artwork:

sigh i wanted to buy this when it came out but i only have 500 points for ghostwire and my last 200 for my note book and those are all the points i have i was planning on getting this withe another 200 points but i spent that on rock n roll domo