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Podcast: Episode 7 - EA Interview Special!

Posted by James Newton

We chat to EA about Dead Space: Extraction and Spore Hero!

It's a genuine bumper episode of the podcast this month, weighing in at a mighty 32m 06s! It's chock-full of quality content as well, as we talk to the producers of Dead Space: Extraction and Spore Hero about their upcoming releases, getting some juicy information out of them in the process! We also grab a quick chat with Baby Dave of Pint Shot Riot, a UK band about to hit the big time as their new single Not Thinking Straight is featured on the FIFA 10 soundtrack.

We've also got reviews, with Jon Wahlgren's Metroid Prime Trilogy review taking centre-stage, as well as our fantastic Metroid Prime Trilogy competition.

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User Comments (15)



Machu said:

Awesome, I'll stick that on my phone and listen to it whilst out and about 2moro. TY.



Objection said:

i'll be subbing this on itunes soon enough. unfortunately, i'm on my school lappie right now and not my wonderful desktop.



paulcmnt said:

Great as always! EA knows that you guys have some influence on the Nintendo crowd.



Dazza said:

Nice work as always James, you did a great job with those EA interviews. I loved Dead Space on the 360, so after hearing that Extraction isn't just a cynical cash-in I am all the more pumped for it now.

It was also cool to hear Jon's voice for the first time, a great reminder of your Metroid review last week too.

Now James how could you forget to mention the stellar Pop Plus in the download review round-up? Naughty man!



Slapshot said:

  • Dead Space was absolutely fantastic and really creepy
  • Spore was a bit of a letdown because of all the hype, it just didnt live up to it.
    New Dead Space is something to be hyped about that is for sure.


container1024 said:

Extraction sounds somewhat cool, but Spore Hero sounds like another rubbish Wii port made by accountants.



brandonbwii said:

The problem with EA interviews is that they always sound waaaaaaaaay too PR. I know that's the point but I never hear anything that sounds like it comes from the creative heart no matter who on an EA team is being interviewed. It almost gives me the idea they don't really want to be developing games if I didn't know better.

I'm really looking forward to dead space but "guided first-person experience?" It's a rail-shooter and no matter how you dress it up with "oh we got stasis, we logs etc." your just a rail-shooter with depth.

They should also stop hyping co-op as a cool new feature in the dead space series. It being a rail-shooter, it would be stupid not to have it. If I wasn't looking forward to EA's titles anyway, interviews with them would turn me off rather than on.



Castro said:

I'm really liking the way Dead Space Extraction is turning out to be. I've heard positive remarks on it from people who got to play it at E3 and I think the EA guy here did a great job trying to sell me the game. I'm excited about it and I've only played about 20 min of the original game.

But the Spore Hero guy, meh... I wasn't already too keen on this game but that interview killed the game off completely to me. He didn't sound too happy about working on the Wii. He made a huge deal about the story in the game, but I'm more a Miyamoto kind of guy in that regard; I'm not big fan of focusing on story in a game. It has to be a really, really good story for me to really care but the guy doesn't give any details about it. Also, from what I understood, the actual game is a 3D platformer, but he barely talks about it, instead choosing to highlight the story and the graphics. Those are secondary things to me; gameplay and level design come first.
The creature editor sounds like the game's only saving grace and I expect it to be fun to try out the different combinations, at least.
Still I'll only consider getting the game now if it gets absolutely glowing reviews.



brandonbwii said:


My thoughts exactly. Spore Guy: "Durrr, can I go home now?"

Seriously, I give all games the benefit of the doubt but that guy just ruined any enthusiasm I had. I'm looking forward to MySims Agents more and I can't stand that series. And did anyone else hear the whole Nintendo's online restrictions line? That was a pretty straight forward "We're lazy" if I've ever heard one.



SeniorDingDong said:

The Spore Hereos game looks fun (in the videos), but the developer also failed at beeing excited or doing a well presentation in the IGN-Videopreviews about the game.



Sean_Aaron said:

Nice podcast dude. I've pre-ordered Extraction and really his point about the camera control is spot on. Resident Evil tried to do that with fixed camera positions, but given you had control over character movement I found it often just made the game hard to play and removed the immersive aspect of it; I far prefer the Chronicles games because I don't feel like I'm fighting with the game all the time, so I welcome this "on-rails" version.

I really like the creature creation aspect of Spore Hero, but I'm concerned about the battle system and rest of the game not being that robust because all the work went into the creature creator; they seem to be demanding a premium for it as well (online price is £39.99?!?) so I'm taking a wait-and-see attitude.

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