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Spore Hero delivers the unparalleled creative freedom of Spore in a story-driven action-adventure game created exclusively for the Nintendo Wii. Set in a rich and vibrant 3D world, Spore Hero empowers you to become the hero as you embark on an epic quest to fight to save your creature’s new home world from destruction!

This new and original Spore adventure starts with a bang – literally! Hurtling through the galaxy inside a blue meteor, you have just crash landed on a strange alien world. But something evil has followed you and brought dangerous red meteorites crashing down on the unsuspecting planet. Only a true hero can save the world from being destroyed by this new threat! Do you have what it takes to be a Spore hero?

In fighting to save your new home planet, your hero will engage in courageous battles, amazing adventures and much more! As you explore your mysterious world, you’ll encounter and unlock more than 250 new parts and abilities to help you complete quests, win fights, unlock combos and learn new fighting skills.

Creatures will come alive in Spore Hero, thanks to the revolutionary technology known as Spasm. Spasm, also known as procedural animation, is tailored specifically for the Nintendo platform allowing you create any creature your imagination can desire. Want two heads and seven legs, six arms or more? Spore Creature Creator gives you all the tools you need to enhance your hero as you fight, bite, spit and charge your enemies with the Wii Remote™.

Spore Hero features a dynamic multiplayer mode, where you’ll use your battling skills to become the ‘baddest’ Spore hero around! This mode allows you to create your ultimate warrior by using any combination of your earned parts in a special multiplayer mode Creature Creator, or choose one of your previously created creatures.

Key Features

  • Fight to Save the World— Built from the ground up exclusively for the Nintendo Wii, Spore Hero features an intriguing storyline taking you on a journey to fight a mysterious dark force that threatens your creatures new planet. Embark on exciting missions, intense battles, and incredible action-quests to save the world!
  • Create a Hero—Spore’s much-loved Spore Creature Creator comes to the Wii for the first time, offering a robust library of more than 250 parts to create your unique hero! One eye or five? Wings or a horn? The possibilities are endless!
  • Battle Your Friends- Put your combat skills to the test as you engage in embroiled battles with a friend in a multiplayer mode! Create a decked out creature or choose a previously created or pre-made creature to challenge friends with.
  • Evolve— Evolution is taken to the next level in Spore Hero as you earn and find new parts, such as limbs and accessories to enhance your hero. As new parts play a direct role on your creatures abilities, you’ll have the power to charge your enemies with newly-acquired horns or fly to new levels with recently-unlocked wings! ,You can even lend your parts to fellow creatures, helping them evolve along the way.

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EA serve up another Spore adventure, this time with players focus on creativity and evolution using the unique controls of the Wii

User Comments (5)



kirgy said:

hmmmm, this might seem fun but i would probably like it just because of the creature creator



Tate24 said:

just bought this today! ive never had chance play spore on pc sadly as only own wii & DS.

it seem spore hero is appear to help me fill that void in my life so what can i say about it?

well its more of adventure game then normal pc spore game. confused?

yeah i was to.

But let me say it was quite fun experience.

story - 2 colour meteors red & blue fire from huge exploding galaxy!!! and end up crashing on small planet. It appears that red rocks cause creatures to go little crazy while blue help the creatures to evolve.

After you start game u have to hatch out of your egg (waggle wii-mote for that part) you are immediately thrusted into large mushroom valley full colour & character. Levels at first glance look small but in fact these levels have lots areas to explore u just need right parts to get to them all. before u can access certain areas you have uncover lots different challenges in each of areas like discovering all parts or defeating 12 creatures these have u coming back to as there's alot to do. There over 327 parts in game and u use these create creature of your liking!!!

creation feature is very good easy to use and clear. while its not as free as pc version it still has great interface & u can still make some very cool monsters. There mode on title screen just for u to pick up and make creatures that you can then use in the 2-player battle mode. biggest disppoint for me is there No online features so there no way to share what you have made:( i hear nintendo was worry that people would be making rude monsters like did pc version and didnt want there family friendly image to be tarnish by it!!!

i give game 7.0 enjoyable & creative but lacks what made pc version so good the ability to share online.

Come on maxis!!! next time just make spore how its suppose to be!!!!



Sporatic said:

Sharing is definitely a great feature, but what I love so much about this bit of the spore franchise is the fact that you actually get to do so much more with your creature. The fighting, humorous creatures and exploration make it all the more fun.
If I were to give it a rating, I would say a 9.0, mostly because of limitation compared to the computer version, but like Tate24 said, plenty of stuff to customize with and you can still modify the size of your creature and is overall height. Fighting is actually... Quite a bit like a fighting game, actually. There is jumping, gliding, and a whole lotta kicking Overall, I love it! Still playing and still loving it... I was wondering how many areas this game has? I have nearly completed 3 completely, and I already have 140 parts.
Games are subjective, but I would recommend this game to anyone who loves these cute (and sometimes odd looking) little dudes. Especially if they always wanted to do a little more with their creations.

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