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Next Level Games: We Want to Make Punch Out!! 2

Posted by Damien McFerran

...but don't expect a straight sequel

Punch Out!! Wii was pretty sweet, so news of a sequel is welcome indeed. Bryce Holliday of Next Level Games - the developer behind the pugilistic masterpiece - has gone on record saying that he'd love to create a follow up, but those of you expecting a traditional sequel which merely updates the fighter roster and adds little to the gameplay are going to be disappointed - innovation is the key here.

Holliday had this to say about how the company would handle such a proposition:

Cooperative, competitive multiplayer support or create-a-boss mode would be places to start, but we'd need to come up with a new 'hook' like the motion controllers gave us in this iteration.

Indeed, Nintendo producer Kensuke Tanabe has stated that the company is "not planning a sequel where simply the fighters are replaced" and that any new Punch Out!! title will be an all-new affair. Sounds exciting!


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PhillepinO said:

The control style should be two wii remotes held with each hand, both equipped with wii motion plus.

A Virtual Reality boxing game



Big_A2 said:

@PhillepinO: If any series was going to do that, I hope it's not Punch Out!!. The whole emphasis on patterns just wouldn't work if you made movement realistic.

While I am exited about this news (although it doesn't confirm anything), I'm still waiting for the first Punch Out!! Wii.



Chunky_Droid said:

I agree with Big A2, 1:1 motion would ruin Punch-Out!!

Some surprise cameos like the first Punch-Out!! Wii would be cool, as well as on-line leaderboards. Though I don't think there's a huge amount to add to perfect this game as it's already awesome! Maybe Wii-Speak so you could punk out your opponent after you know him out!



TanookiMike said:

Expand on multiplayer. Add online play. Tag team fighting maybe? Additional fighters to play as, and balanced abilities would be awesome.



vherub said:

it needs motion plus, and balance board support has to be better.
I also found the 2player mode to me the weakest link, it would need an overhaul for online play



No_No_No_Wrong_Way said:

I really don't see how a game like Punch-Out!! would benefit from MotionPlus. I'm all for Create-a-Boss mode, though.



astarisborn94 said:

It's nice that they are not planning a sequel with just new fighters and minimal gameplay change. Things that they should do:

1. Add online play.

2. Improve local mutiplayer

3. Better Wii Balance Support or if they can't do it, remove support all along.

4. (Of course) New fighters.

5. New modes.

All these would make the sequel rock!



Chatham said:

Oh hell yeah! 1:1 boxing! I don't see how timing is an issue unless you generally aren't a coordinated person.

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